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The BEA speech team begins their season at Worthington High School

By Cameron A.

Blue Earth-Five members of the BEA speech team ( Emma G, Brady B, Jr K, Maygan C and Sophie O.) began their season hoping for the best at Worthington High School on February 6, 2016, where they attended their first tournament.

Speech is a team that competes against other schools around their area, each individual on the team has a certain category that they compete in against people in other schools. In order to try out for speech you have to be in either 7-12th grade. The speech team is coached by Mrs.Ehlers and Ms. Ingrid Chrisman. They practice twice a week and they attend meets once a week on Saturdays. Most of the meets are attended by local towns such as Mankato, Fairmont, and St. Peter etc. Are you are interested in joining speech? You will have to fill out a Fine Arts eligibility form, pay the 25$ registration fee, and talk to one of the two coaches they will have other things to give you such as a parent permission form. It is required to bring certain things with you to the meets, such as, Money for food, clothes for performance, sometimes clothes to change into after the meet, also the last thing is you have a choice of bringing an electronic, but it’s your responsibility to keep track of it not the adults. So if it gets lost for stolen it’s your fault. There is a certain attire that is appropriate, semi -professional to professional is necessary when participating in a competition. If you can’t bring those clothes, you will have to talk to one of the coaches. You will be able to wear comfortable clothes on the way up and back but not in competitions. If you can’t make it to a meet you need to contact a coach a week before.

Minnesota Zoo Field Trip Ahead for 7th graders.

By Cameron A.

BLUE EARTH -- BEA 7th graders are set to attend a field trip to the Minnesota Zoo near the end of this school year. The date of the field trip is planned for June 1st, 2016. Students will be meeting at Pemberton Auditorium at 7:30 a.m. and all 7th graders who are eligible will participate. Seventh graders will be going to the Minnesota Zoo to observe animals and the habitats in which they live. The day’s activities will also include a scavenger hunt. Brian Kokos, 7th grade teacher, shares that middle schoolers go on this field trip to support learning in science class by noting feeding habits, animal relationships, and needs animals have. This field trip is partially funded through the Blue Earth Area School Foundation. Students are required to bring a small admission fee. Logan Enger says “He is not excited to go on this field trip because it’s the end of the year and he wants to be done with school.” Logan said he is expecting to look at animals. Jordon Smith says she is excited because she wants to see all the animals. She is expecting to see the environment of each animal and their habitats. She also says that she will possibly do a report on one of the animals. Mr.Kokos, the 7th grade science teacher says “We’ll have a great time and also learn about most of the animals, like where they live and what they eat.

Track and Field

The 7-12 grade track team will have a scrimmage on Friday March 18, 2016. We have practices every day of the week but wednesday's start at 4 and end early also wednesday's are optional.

Glenn Gaylord

Teachers at BEA middle school throw a retirement party for Glenn Gaylord's last day working as a janitor at Blue Earth Middle School.
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Getting To Know Mr. Dressler by Cameron Anderson

Blue Earth Area- What kind of things does Mr.Dressler do on a normal day at school? Try to get and be with the students,paperwork, likes to go look around at lunch and noon rec. He has a hidden talent which is remembering useless information when it’s not needed. He has a small family that includes a wife and daughter. They moved from a big city so it was a change in environments but his family loves it here. Mr. Dressler really likes it here, and he says it’s a very nice area and loves working with the staff and students.Mr. Dressler says that he sees discipline as being more about making better choices inside and outside of class and learning from mistakes than about giving out punishments., It’s about making better choices in class or outside of class and learning from mistakes. Mr. Dressler says, “Staff has been great to work with, Teacher are really dedicated and making sure students are getting best education they can”.