Lance's Ledger

May 2 - 6 at Central Elementary

Thank You Teachers and Staff

This week we celebrate all the teachers in our building whether a teacher by profession or by example. Passing along the skills and knowledge of civilization is a demanding yet rewarding calling. Making a difference requires a special commitment grounded in giving of one's time and talents while providing support and encouragement for future generations who will follow in your footsteps as stewards of humanity. Stand tall and be proud for you inspire young people to dream and discover their gifts. The following videos touch on the difference you make as champions and mentors of children. Thank you for all you do!
A Teacher Appreciation Story that Inspires
Salute to Teachers

From the Mouths of Students

Last week I attended a dance with my wife and daughter at DMS. When we walked into the Middle School we were taken aback by all the positive quotes that adorned student lockers. I think we spent as much time going locker to locker as we did at the dance! The experience was inspiring and reminded me of the hope that abounds in our kids. Just being surrounded by all the positive messages lifted our spirits

Below, I have included several pictures of quotes posted on lockers. What type of positive energy do you think might be generated in our building by involving our students in such a positive project?

ELA PD Opportunities

ELA and Social Studies Coordinator Dena Downey recently sent emails inviting teachers to attend district grade level PDs after school on dates throughout May and June. The first PD is scheduled Tuesday, May 3 in the Central Media Center from 4:15 - 6:15 PM. AS Monica mentioned during our last staff meeting, the PDs area valuable opportunity for teachers to get a handle on changes and revisions to the ELA curriculum. I highly recommend and encourage you to attend the appropriate grade level PD with your colleagues.

Dena worked to arrange the PDs in direct response to teacher input indicating the need for discussion and training before full implementation of the curriculum. While this time of year is busy I believe you will find two hours with your colleagues to be well worth your time and helpful in preparing your for curriculum changes you will be expected to implement. Thank you to Dena and the ELA committee for responding to the need. Thank you, in advance, to all for considering and hopefully taking Dena up on the invitation!

This Week at Central

Monday, May 2

  • Happy Staff Appreciation Week!
  • M-STEP Testing for Grade 3 continues
  • DIBELS Assessment Begins (May 2-13)

Tuesday, May 3

  • Breakfast Treats in Lounge at 8 AM courtesy of the PTO
  • Lance out of office until @ 9:30 AM (Eye doctor)
  • M-STEP
  • ELA PD for Grade 3 at Central from 4:15 -6:15 PM

Wednesday, May 4

  • Staff meeting (Agenda: More End of Year routines/Teacher Check-out plans; Open House 2016-2017)
  • M-STEP

Thursday, May 5

  • Lance @ admin. for prin. mtg. (9:30 - Noon)
  • M-STEP

Friday, May 6

  • Team Leader Mtg.
  • National Nurse's Day (Nurses Week celebrated May 6 - 12)
  • Staff Appreciation Luncheon courtesy of PTO
  • Fire Drill in PM
  • DEF Mini-Grant apps due!
  • M-STEP for Grade 3 wraps up

Sunday, May 8

  • Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's on staff and everywhere!

Looking Ahead

  • May 9 - 25...M-STEP Testing for Grade 4
  • May 9...Box-Top/Soup Label contest begins
  • May 10...PLC (Except Grade 4)
  • May 11...Early Release Day
  • May 12...Lance@ admin. Mtg. (9:30 - Noon)
  • May 13...DIBELS Testing Ends; Jeans Day for Project Graduation = $5 donation
  • May 17...PTO Meeting
  • May 18...Staff Meeting; ELA PD at Gates for Grade 4 (4:15-6:15)
  • May 20...Box-Top/Soup Label contest ends; AAA Seat-belt Survey in parking lot after school
  • May 19...Lance @ prin. mtg. (9:30 - Noon)
  • May 23 - June 3...DRA Assessment 1-4 with subs; STAR Math Assessment Grades 2-4
  • May 24... PLC
  • May 25...CAP PLC (2-3:20 PM)
  • May 26...Bldg. Rep. mtg. 7:30-8:10; CST Meeting
  • May 27...Lance out of building for PM
  • May 30...Memorial Day/ No School for Students or Staff
  • May 31...Grade 4 (music, phys. ed., and classroom) Trip to Williams Property; STAR Math Assessment continues to June 3

June 2016

  • June 1...Staff Meeting
  • June 2...Tornado Drill; Team Leader Meeting
  • June 3... DRA ends (enter in illuminate by June 13); PTO Color Walk
  • June 6...B. Smith and Lane to ForMar (9-2); Grade 4 to Hahn orientation from 9-10:30 AM; Field Day Grade 4 in PM; DHS Graduation in evening
  • June 7...Field Day Grade 1 in PM; Inservice on Everyday Math - Grade 1 AM/Grade 3 PM
  • June 8...McDunnah & Long to ForMar from 9-2; Field Day Grade Grade 2 in PM; Inservice on Everyday Math - Grade 2 AM/ Grade 4 PM; Grade 1 ELA PD at Central from 4:15 - 6:15)
  • June 9...T. Smith & Parrott to ForMar from 9-2; Field Day Grade 3 in PM; ELA PD at Central for Grade 2 from 4:15-6:15 PM
  • June 10...Lance out of building for PM
  • June 13...DPA CMC (4:15 - 6:15 PM); Board of Education Meeting @ 7 PM
  • June 15...Staff Meeting
  • June 16...1/2 student day with dismissal @ 11:35 AM; End of Year Luncheon @ 12:15 PM
  • June 17...Student 1/2 day with dismissal @ 11:35 AM / Last student day* (*teachers may check out if finished on June 17 by 4:30 PM: Checkout will begin at 2:30 PM)
  • June 20...1/2 teacher day/Last Teacher Day; Report Cards mailed home at noon
  • June 23...Building closes to public for summer at 4 PM

Cardinal Code Focus for the Week

Cafeteria expectations are the focus of Cardinal Code Lessons for the week. Points to review/discuss include:

  • Report directly to your seat upon entering the cafeteria.
  • Wait for monitors to call your table up for lunch.
  • Eating is your first job in the cafeteria!
  • Stay seated at all times except when you have permission to move.
  • Raise your hand and ask permission to use the restroom or return to the lunch line to get an item you forgot.
  • Use "conversational voices."
  • No throwing of food or objects.
  • Keep you hands away from other people's food.
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself at the table and in line.
  • Follow directions of all adult supervisors (the first time!).
  • Be polite and use manners. Be kind to others.
  • Report all behavior that is dangerous, threatening, or bullying.
  • Clean up your area after eating.
  • Follow your teacher's direction when lining up.
  • Exit the cafeteria in a calm and orderly manner.
  • Remain quiet in hallways as you return to your classroom after lunch.

It is helpful to review these procedures/expectations in the cafeteria so students associate the behavior expectation with the location! Thank you so much for supporting our school-wide behavior/expectation plan.

Sending Students to the Office

Teachers and monitors, I need your help. When sending students to the office it is imperative that they arrive with a note in hand that briefly explains what support you are requesting. I am often out of the office visiting rooms, checking in with teachers on M-STEP or other matters and meeting with other staff members on school business. If it is a referral I understand you may need a few moments to write up an official referral. However, the courtesy of a note helps me get the ball rolling on my end. I can't tell you how many times the response I get from a child when asked why the teacher sent him to me is, "I don't know."

My secretary has been updated on a basic order of priorities in regard to my varied responsibilities. For instance, if I am completing an observation in a classroom she will not page me if it is a minor incident. Instead she will send the child back to you with a note that I will attend to the matter when as soon as possible. She will call it to my attention when I return to the office and I will prioritize a response based on what is taking place at the time. Likewise, if I am at lunch she can call me back (cell phone) in an emergency. Otherwise, I will attend to the matter when I return from lunch. Meanwhile, the child will likely be sent back to your room after a period of ten minutes. If a child is unsettled she will enlist the assistance of a head teacher or counselor. In the event a child is disruptive in the office setting she will call me by cell phone and I will address the situation as soon as I am physically present.

Teachers, except in cases where we have agreed the 4-step process is not appropriate i expect all staff to use the 4-step school-wide behavior plan process. Remember, our focus is on approaching behavior as an area which requires a teaching correction rather than viewing it as an embedded skill. Thank you so much for your help. Your cooperation will continue to allow me to give each situation an appropriate amount of attention.

National Nurses' Day

We are very fortunate to have the services and expertise of a school nurse in our district. Megan Rule continues to be available in emergencies, consults with office staff on a daily basis regarding routine and not so routine childhood ailments, provides training and support for staff in health areas legislated in Michigan, and acts as a medical liaison between school, parents and medical professionals. In short, most of us recognize that Megan's knowledge and skills are vital to the needs of students and staff.

Each year Nurses' Day is celebrated on May 6 and Nurses' Week runs May 6 - 12 (goes by dates not calendar weeks). The May 12 end date is not by accident. May 12 was the birth date of Florence Nightingale, recognized as the founder of modern nursing. To Megan and all the nurses who have responded to the call and service of nursing we say, "Thank you for your selfless service!"

M-STEP Support

I want to thank teachers, especially the second grade and specials group, for your flexibility in working with each other to facilitate schedule changes during M-STEP testing for Grade 3 this past week. Your continued help is appreciated. Also, thank you to all staff for working with students to be extra quiet in hallways so as to not disturb students who are testing.

Third Grade students will continue to test this week and Grade 4 students will begin testing on May 9. Teachers administering the have been wonderful. I appreciate, and am sure your student do as well, the encouragement and care you have taken to ease the stress on your students during extended testing sessions. The way students are focused and rolling with the test reflect the preparation and support you have given and continue to give your kiddos.

Thanks again to all for doing what you can to provide student with the best testing environment possible!

Thought for the Week

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