Come Visit Mesopotamia

by: Forest and Ethan

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  • Sumer has beautiful architecture.
  • Look at cuneiform (the first writing system
  • See where the king en-cakanca-ana lived.
  • See who Enlil is the God of the Sumerians


  • The Akkadian noble leader was Sargon
  • The Akkadian built roads
  • They had wheels for transportation
  • The Akkadian died because of a a major drought


  • See what Hammurabi's code did
  • see what instruments people played for Lyre
  • Look at the fields the Babylonians plowed
  • look st the huge stone structures that have Hammurabi's code on it


  • Look at the government of the Assyria called Ashurbanipal
  • look at sculptures made of gold, clay, and copper
  • notice the advanced irrigation systems
  • The Assyria people had iron weapons
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  • The neo-Babylon had a government called Bebuchadnezzar
  • They invented the sundial to tell time.
  • They made carved pillars called Steles
  • Had a temple to worship gods called a Zigguat
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