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April Edition: Volume 5

Well that month went by quickly...

Registration for the Virtual Learning Academy for the 2021-2022 school year started this week. For more information on the VLA, visit the PLSD Virtual Learning Academy website. Please see the article below on how to register.

With the warmer weather, more classes are going outside. Please make sure that your student has a refillable water bottle with them, as we do not have the drinking fountains available to students.

We just got word that the last day of school, May 21st will be a 2 hour early release for the students. This means that Lakeview students will be finished at 12:10 pm on this day. Buses will be running but if you normally pick up your student after school, please be aware of this change and plan accordingly.

Rachael Hanagan


Congratulations to our April Students of the Month!

Each month at Lakeview, teachers nominate the students who are going above and beyond what is expected of them. These students show respect for themselves, others, and learning. Congratulations to our April nominees: Nathan Cefaratti, Sophia Klein, Nicole Golden, Jordyn Jenkins, Avery Blackstone, Paige Leyda, Josiah Riddle, Maya Turner, Jack Spear, Grace Couzens, Nickolas Jewell

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Registration for the Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) is now available

Registration for the Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) is now available under the survey titled: Questions for 2021-2022 VLA (Virtual Learning Academy) Registration.

To access this registration log onto your district's Infinite Campus Parent Portal at and select the survey link in your inbox or click on the survey tab at the top of the page in the message center of the Parent Portal.

Registration will be accepting responses from 04/26/2021 until 05/09/2021.

National Junior Honors Society Project

Dear Parents, National Junior Honors Society is doing a drive for nurses who helped during the COVID-19 pandemic. The drive will last approximately 2-3 weeks. Some items students should bring in include mini Gatorade bottles, bagged snacks (chips, goldfish, candy, gum, etc), post-it notes, fun pencils, activity books (word searches, crossword puzzles, etc), or any other miscellaneous item you think a nurse would enjoy. Give back to our nurses and show them that you care!

There are boxes located in the cafeteria to place donations.

Updated Quarantine Information

With the guidance from Franklin County Public Health, PLSD is providing an option for individuals that are quarantined from school and extracurricular activities.

When the school has identified a student as 100% quarantine and not able to attend school or extracurricular activities, we will now honor the option if the parent chooses to have their child tested on day 5 or later, tests negative (PCR or antigen COVID-19 test) they may return to school and extra curricular activities on day 8 (7 day quarantine).

If a student is quarantined due to an exposure in the community the parent will need to provide documentation to verify the date(s) of the exposure and the negative test results.

I have attached a copy of the letter that will be sent to the students when they are required to quarantine from a school exposure. The green highlighted areas are the changes that have been made.

Mobile Dentist-Rescheduled for May 7th!

Good news! You have more time to sign your student up to see the Dentist at school. The Ohio Dental Outreach will now be at our school on May 7th. A form went home with your student in February or you can fill it out online at If you have any questions please email the school nurse (

The Community Corner

Recent Updates

  • Lakeview Leadership Team students met with Mr. Baptist on Friday to talk about goals for the team, roles for next year, and our common “whys” for being a part of the group. Student leaders expressed the importance of student voice and shared common goals of improving student-student and student-teacher interactions, helping students with peer pressures, providing student perspectives on building concerns, helping people feel comfortable and enjoy coming to school, and ensuring that all students feel welcomed and safe in the building.

  • Has your student done something awesome or noteworthy? Do you want to celebrate them and their accomplishment? In future Community Corners, we hope to highlight more of our students through the Student Spotlight feature. We have updated the Family Feedback Form to include an area where you can share the details that you want to highlight about your student. Check it out!
With testing and getting adjusted to all our hybrid students transitioning back to school full time, we decided to use google forms so students could answer evolv questions in a survey format. This allowed for a lot more responses (290!). You may notice that some of these questions are repeated from the other updates, but that is because we wanted to give all students an opportunity to provide their input since we were able to reach more students with the survey. We are so proud of all the voices that have been shared!

Please see the Parent Shareout below to see what our students are saying.

Updates from the Family Feedback Form

  • A concern was shared this week regarding the parent drop-off and vehicles entering the exit to get around the line of cars. We will speak with the state trooper who is directing traffic in the morning and bring up the concerns so everyone can watch for cars going the wrong way.

  • We know the drop-off and pick-up lines are long now that everyone is back in full, but please make sure that you abide by all traffic laws and speed limits, as we have students entering and exiting the building, and athletes are running on campus after school most days.

The Lakeview Family Feedback Form

This form will be linked in each Community Corner update, allowing families to offer feedback to the counseling and administrative team regarding social justice, mental health, academic support, friendships/relationships, etc. Counselors and administrators will review the feedback on a weekly basis and send out any updates to concerns/questions in the next Community Corner update.

Any female interested in Golfing for Lakeview or North for the 2021-2022 school year, please fill this out

April PLSD PluggedIn E-Newsletter Is Now Available!

The End of April “Plugged In” e-newsletter is packed with tons of important PLSD information as we approach the end of the school year! This edition includes: info about the upcoming presentations from our Citizens' Advisory Committee at the May 3 Board of Education meeting, details on PLSD's bond issue on the May 4 ballot, VLA registration information, last day of school early release, and more. Check out the latest edition at

Pickerington Residents Decide Future for Pickerington Schools

On Tuesday, May 4, Pickerington residents will have their voices heard about the future for Pickerington Schools.The Board of Education placed a bond issue on the May 4 ballot to address critical issues in our facilities and address current overcrowding that is only projected to get worse as more home construction continues in our growing community.

If the issue passes, Pickerington Schools will begin preparations to build a new junior high school, add classrooms at both high schools, create dedicated preschool and Welcome Center spaces and put into motion renovations and security upgrades that increase safety, learning spaces and capacity.

If the issue fails, the district will need to divert money from the daily operating budget in order to pursue temporary options to accommodate enrollment growth. Delaying the facility work needed will not stop the growth we are experiencing and our facility needs will continue to become even more urgent and expensive as classrooms and buildings become more crowded.

Early voting is open now and more information about voting times and options is available at: