GT Update News: Edition 26

for Mrs. Anderson's Crew

Last week second graders chose their experiment question and rewrote it in the form of How does ___________ affect _______________? We looked at some example experiments and discussed and identified the various groups within the experiment. They finished our time together by continuing to build the Lego EV3 robot. I was amazed at their ability to collaborate and work through reading difficult instructions. They were problem solvers who figured out why what they had put together didn't look like the instructional manual. This week, they will begin to research for their experiment questions. They are keeping a binder of all their activities for the science experiment, so they will bring them home to share at the end of the year.
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Last week in third grade, they finalized their advertisements for Dr. Pepper using various mediums. Take a look below at the commercial Wesley and Samuel created using iMovie. I also introduced them to various strategies advertisers use to get consumers' attention. This week, they will continue the activity from last week regarding the strategies, as well as focus on basic visual language.
The dr.pepper
Last week we started the day off with fourth grade taking part in a Harkness discussion addressing the question: How does an individual's point of view affect the way they deal with conflict? Afterwards, I introduced four literary themes found in stories, and they identified stories, books, movies that include one or more of these themes. They started making online game quizzes about these themes as well. This week they will write a first draft narrative that includes both conflict and a literary theme.
Last week in fifth grade they worked towards finishing their final projects highlighting their innovation. This week they will finalize and present them. We do not have enough time left in the school year to complete an entire unit, so we will brainstorm ideas of what they would like to learn or work towards. Some ideas that came up last week were creating a robotics game of their own, as well as create a marble run that would have an objective.