By: Charlie Cameron


There are many species of crocodiles living and many that are extinct The main crocodiles that we think of today are the American crocodile, the Nile crocodile, the Indo-Pacific crocodile, the Cuvier's Dwarf caiman, and the Gharials. However there are many other species.


The American crocodile lives in fresh or partly salty water near coastline areas in southern Florida, Southern Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Central America and in Northern South America. This crocodile can grow up to be around 19.5 feet long.

The Nile crocodile lives in freshwater rivers, lakes, marshes, and swamps in Africa and Madagascar. This crocodile can grow up to be around 19.5 feet long.

The Indo-Pacific crocodile lives in freshwater river, lakes, marshes, and swamps in tropical areas of Asia and in the Pacific Ocean. This crocodile can grow up to be around 23 feet long.

The Cuvier's Dwarf caiman lives in flooded forest near large lakes and fast flowing waterways in Northern South America. This crocodile can grow up to be 5 feet long.

The Gharials live in deep, fast flowing rivers in Northern parts of Indian subcontinent. This crocodile can grow up to be about 22.5 feet long.

Some crocodiles


Crocodile Construction

Crocodiles have been swimming, stalking, and eating for millions of years. During that time continents have broken apart, glaciers have advanced and retreated, and countless species have come and have gone. But through it all, the crocodile lives on. The reason behind this it that crocodiles have learned to adapt to it's environment From it's bony plated skin to it's four-chambered heart, the crocodile's body is designed for survival.

Crocodile's bodies were made for surviving. They had very hard and tough skin, which helps protect it. Crocodile's have four-chambered hearts like mammals and humans. Most reptiles have a three-chambered heart which is not nearly as an effective system. Crocodiles have special eyes on top of their heads so that they can find prey easier. Once they find it they have extremely strong jaws that snap down instantly. The crocodile's extremely sharp teeth also help. Finally, the crocodile's body is very muscular which helps a lot.

Killing Crocodiles

People have been hunting crocodile's for thousands of years. People like to eat their meat and want their organs. Their organs in many cultures are said to be medicine.