LVMS Weekly Newsletter

Week of April 30, 2018

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May 4 - Gen TX Day (8th Grade Visits LVHS)

May 4 - College and Career Project Presentation LVMS 8th Grade

May 4 - LAST Middle School Dance of the Year

May 9 - Algebra 1 EOC

May 14 - 6 & 7 Math STAAR

May 15 - 6 & 7 Reading STAAR

May 16 - 8 Science STAAR

May 17 - 8 Social Studies STAAR

May 18 - Tape the Teacher

May 23 - 8th Grade Six Flags Trip

May 25 - Last Day of School (1/2) Day

College and Career Project

The presentations will take place during periods 6-8 (120-350) in the LVMS cafeteria.

Viking Valor - StayALERT! Recognition

Walker Trudeau and Michelle Ryan with Edwards Risk Management traveled to LVMS to personally recognize Ms. Reighley's Viking Valor class for their Honorable Mention in the StayALERT Spring Promotional Campaign. Each of Ms. Reighley's students had the opportunity to engage in a conversation with Mr. Trudeau an Ms. Ryan about the importance of speaking up and speaking out.

Thank you Mr. Trudeau and Ms. Ryan for making the trip to see the kids and validating their efforts at preventing bullying!

Pictured below is Ms. Reighley's Viking Valor class with Mr. Trudeau and Ms. Ryan!

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TMSCA State Meet Results

Lago Visa Middle School

2018 TMSCA State Meet


Individual Awards1st - 10th PlaceTrophies

11th - 20th PlaceMedals

Team Awards1st - 6th Highest overall * 4 scores * from a school

One of which cannot be an 8th grader

Each member gets a medal and the school gets a trophy


8th Grade 8th Grade 8th Grade 8th Grade

Ryder Phillips *5th Ryder Phillips *4th Ryder Phillips *17th Dalton Ditto

Mikey D'Ambrose Mikey D'Ambrose * Braden Smith *19th Wyatt Forbes

Nathan McKee Braden Smith * Nina King *

Logan Parsons Nina King Mikey D'Ambrose

7th Grade 7th Grade 7th Grade

Morgan Burke *17th Saydie Kassell Morgan Burke *17th

Saydie Kassell Joceln Hargrove Saydie Kassell

Morgan Burke Whitney Vaughan

6th Grade 6th Grade 6th Grade

Lincoln Smith *12th Lincoln Smith *2nd Lincoln Smith 4th

Reagan Phariss *16th Reagan Phariss 15th Reagan Phariss 8th

Kaius Northcutt19th


Ryder Phillips * Ryder Phillips * Ryder Philllips * (must have 4)

Lincoln Smith * Mikey D'Ambrose * Braden Smith *

Reagan Phariss * Braden Smith * Nina King *

Morgan Burke * Lincoln Smith *


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LVMS will be hosting the LAST DANCE OF THE SCHOOL YEAR on May 4, 2018 from 6:30-9:00pm! Admission is $5.00 and concessions will be available!
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Theatre Skills on Display

All characters were chosen from our show “Shakespeare Goes to Gravel Gulch”. Our main focus was to give an “old age” appearance to the characters. Most characters were outlaws, prospectors, and the older citizens of Gravel Gulch.
The theatre arts class at LVMS recently learned how to apply make up in a variety of ways. The students had a great time attempting to transform themselves and others! Thank you Ms. Weaver for creating these experiences for our students!

1st pic - Make-up artist was Nicholas Philmon on himself
Character was Banker Boyle

2nd pic - Make-up artist was Andre Valles on his sister
Character was Swindler, an outlaw

3rd pic - Make-up artist was Seseley Hoke on herself
Character was Aunt Edna, an elderly citizen of Gravel Gulch

And of course....

4th pic - Make-up artist was Diego D’Lorm on Mr. Vogler
Character was Little Luisa, an older female, trying to pass herself off as 12 yr old. I think the beard sells it.

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Please visit our new website to order all your viking apparel!

LVMS PTO will host a Trunk Sale on Saturday, May 12 from 9-3 in the LVMS parking lot. Watch our facebook page for more info on how to purchase a spot for a booth. Clubs and organizations are welcome!

As always, thanks for everything you do to help in the success LVMS.


When: 7:45am - 8:10am

Where: Viking Hall

What's Available: Tuesday and Thursday ELA and Social Studies

Wednesday and Friday Math and Science

How To Access: Tutorial Request Form on our Website at the link below

Copies of the TRF will also be available to students in their classrooms, in the cafeteria, and in the front office and library.



We of course want to see your child in school everyday, but we recognize they will miss for a variety of reasons related to their lives outside of school. We've included the Spring testing calendar that you may use as you plan your respective families events for the semester.

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Wondering What Happened to Your Child's Lunchbox?

We probably have it; and their shoes; and their sweatshirts; and their coats; and their water bottles; and their backpacks.....Please have your children look through the lost and found at LVMS for items you know they wore/brought to school, but have never seen again. Lunch boxes and water bottles will be in the cafeteria by the microwaves. Clothing and all other items will be in the atrium area just off outside of the front office. We will be coordinating with clothing closets to receive our unclaimed clothing items very soon!

Social Media Support

Lago Vista ISD recognizes that communication between campuses and parents is a crucial part of building a strong school-home partnership, which we greatly value. As such, the District is committed to providing open, two-way communication and encourages all Lago Vista ISD parents to share the same commitment.

While social media presents us with an amazing venue to share and exchange information, if a concern arises regarding your child, or child’s campus, please contact the campus immediately. This timely communication directly with the campus is a crucial first step in working with you to resolve your concerns. As a district, we are committed to ensuring that all concerns are addressed as quickly as possible, but

campuses are only able to assist with finding solutions when we are made aware of concerns through direct communication.

Thank you for your helping with Lago Vista ISD's continued efforts to build strong and effective partnerships with our parents!

2018 Summer Camp Guide

For the past several years, Lago Vista ISD has put together a list of various summer learning opportunities in the Austin area that may be helpful to Lago Vista ISD parents and students who are looking for summer fun and learning options. This year, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Live Grow Play Austin for our 2018 Summer Camp Guide. As a result of this partnership, this year's summer camp guide is fully searchable by interest, location, date, price, etc.

To view the 2018 summer camp guide, visit:

Thank you Live Grow Play Austin for partnering with Lago Vista ISD and for providing this awesome guide for our families! It’s definitely not too soon to start thinking about what you want to do to have a great summer!

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