Malicious Software


Malware includes any software that would intentionally harm, or collect information from your computer. Such as a virus, spyware, or trojan horse.


Trojan horse: A software, program, or app that may seem safe, but in reality it's giving someone your information through a "backdoor". In other words, a "hacker" has access to your computer through the program.

Virus: A type of malware that is often acquired through email attachments or thumb drives. It is known for being able to copy itself very easily, and it needs contact to spread. If an attachment containing a virus copies itself onto your computer, it can then send itself to every other person in your address book.

Spyware: Secretly obtains personal information. Mostly through key-logging, which is a tiny thumb drive inserted into a computer, and can record and collect everything anybody types on that computer. Found in libraries and other places with public computers.

How to Avoid

Use antivirus software, it helps detect and prevent any type of malware on your computer. Also, firewalls help keep things out. Depending on how strong the firewall is, is directly correlated to how effective the firewall is. Finally, use common sense. Don't open fishy email attachments, or enter any personal information such as back info into a public computer.