Nate's Mountrushmore

Rainbows are happy things

The Real MountRushmore

On the real Mount Rushmore there are the faces of four presidents.These are their names Thomas Jefferson,Abraham Lincoln,George Washington,and Teddy Roosevelt.The location of Mount Rushmore is near Keystone,South Dakota.The Designer of Mount Rushmore was Gutzon Borglum.If I could design my own Mount Rushmore I would put these people on it:Quinlan Sutton,Brandon Fuller,Ethan Smith,and Te'a Kreifels.

My First Person

The first person is my brother Quinlan Sutton.The reason I chose my brother is because he plays MINECRAFT with me.Another reason is because he helps me with my chores.I like my brother sometimes some time he just gets annoying.He is 11,I am also (we are twins).

My Second Person

The second person is Brandon Fuller.The first reason I want his face on my Mount Rushmore is because Brandon is always there for me,if i fall down the stairs(I do that mostly on purpose)he helps me up.The second reason is because he helps me find fun games outside instead of on the computer,we usually play war but sometimes other things.

My Third Person

The third person on my Mount Rushmore is Ethan Smith.Ethan is ten yearsold.One reason why I picked Ethan is because he is fun to be around,me and him usually mess around during boost.Another reason is because he is always happy.Ethan is a very nice person.

My Last Person

The last person on my Mount Rushmore is Te'a Kreifels. One of the reasons I picked Te'a is because she is nice,She gets me focused on my homework when I space off. Another reason is because she is fun to play with,She plays with me almost every recess. Te'a is eleven years old. Te'a has been my friend since I was seven.


In conclusion, I have shown you four people that I would put on my Mount Rushmore (Brandon,Quinlan,Ethan,and Te'a). Who knows, maybe you'll sometime see my Mount Rushmore.Thanks for reading.