Its a Live Or Die Choice



Its a live or die choice. You must choose what feeling you think is stronger. Love, or hate. If you really loved this man, you would feel as if you would want him to live. But if you do not choose this, you will have to sit and watch this man you loved get ripped apart by a tiger.


Think about if you were in the situation of the man. You would be putting all your trust into this person that you beleive loves you. Think about opening a door and a tiger exploding on you and ripping you apart with so much pain until you die. Or open a door with a lady behind it, which you now must live the rest of your life. What would you want to happen to you?


Now you are in the situation where you must choose if the feeling of hate or love is more powerful. If you pick the lady, then a woman that you hate very much will now be married to the man you love for the rest for there lives. Now the person you hate is going to live a happy life. Is it worth killing the man you love to prevent the woman you hate from being happy?


Do you really love this man? If you really did then I do not think you would want to see him suffer. Do you want to see him in pain? See his agonizing screams as he is ripped apart and killed? If that happens it would be because of you and your decision. Because you thought that your hate for this woman was so strong that you could not bare to see him with her. He would die because of you.


Its a live or die choice. Its a choice that you have to make. If you really loved this man, you would want him to live. You wouldn't want to see him suffer and die. Its your choice . Make the right choice.