Murders? Bleeding Kansas!

Abolitionists led by John Brown murders five in Pottawatomie

Kansas-Nebraska act

The Kansas Nebraska act was an act to organize the territories of Nebraska and Kansas. The outcomes of the act was the following:

Over 200 settlers killed in the summer of 1856

Violence spread to the United States capitol on May 22nd

May 24th Brown aroused 5 men from their beds, dragged them from their homes and killed them in front of their families

Repealed the Missouri Compromise

My experience

It was crazy, they came out of no where, it just happened so fast , i was so scared. This was the last time i was going to see my dad and my two brothers. I'm not ready to say goodbye yet i love them all so much. John Brown is not a trusting man i repeat not a trusting man. He will lie to you and tell you thing that aren't even true just to get you out of your house. That's how he got them he said he was pro-slavery but it turned out he wasn't and he took them held them down and just chopped them up it was the scariest thing in the whole entire world. I don't think i can trust anyone anymore not after this. It was horrible he made us watch he held us there to watch him kill them. One by one he killed them. I miss them so much but i guess there isn't anything i can do. But just don't trust a man like John Brown.