P.E Inquiry

Mya,Preston,Mel and Josephs Present a smore On Our Workouts

How We Choose Them

We choose our workouts by thinking about what is best for all of us. We taught that being outside would mke us sweat more and get stronger. We dicided to be outside most of the time and decided

Increased Intensity.

How We Increased

After a few weeks we agreed that the workouts where too easy. After we finished we weren't tired. So we concluded that we needed to step it up a notch. So instead of running 2 laps around the school we ran 4. In stead of 2 laps of really races we did 6

A Comperrison

The first work out was throwing bowling balls to each other while running,Doing hurduls, jump ropes, and test running.

Our second work was running around the school,1 leg hops for 1 minute, and relay racing

Pre-Test and Mile Scores

We take a pre test 3 times for the whole school year. Everyone has to participate and it is very hard. The pre test is pushups,flexibility,Sit ups,Pacer and mile

Our Pretest scores on pacer - Mya - 36,35,41 , Preston - 25,35,50 , Mel - 24,24,30 , and Joseph - 20,31,41

Our mile Scores - Mya - 11:11 , Joseph - 9:10, Preston - 7:37 and Mel - 10:00