Market Economy

What is a Market economy?

Market economy is a production of goods and services is determined by the demand from the consumer

Benefits about our economy

  • Competition between different firms leads to increased efficiency, as firms do whatever is necessary.
  • All workers compete to maintain their jobs..
  • More ways to find sell items for cheaper
  • A great variety of consumer goods become available for those who have the money to buy them
  • New opportunities to obtain profits

Interesting Facts

  • Driven by supply and demand.
  • Producers sell goods for the highest prices possible
  • Members of the labor force work for the highest wages they can earn
  • Decisions are made by the free market.
  • Workers work to earn the higher amount of money


  • Distorted investment priorities, as wealth gets directed into what will earn the largest profit and not into what most people really need

  • Worsening exploitation of workers, since the harder, faster, and longer people work just as the less they get paid the more profit is earned by their employer

  • Overproduction of goods, since workers as a class are never paid enough to buy back.

What is Market Economy?


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