American System



In order to protect and promote American economy which has been hurt deeply in the War of 1812, Henry Clay and other Whig Party politicians advanced a series of plans to strengthen and unify the nation, which was named American System.


Henry Clay

"I know no North, no South, no East, no West"

The architect of "American System", Senate Henry Clay devoted his entire political life to the economic development and the consolidation of the U.S. He also served as the great compromiser who played a major role in a lot of conciliations at home and abroad.Though he never became president,his vision of American economy and attention to the interests of the overall country made him one of American best-liked politicians.

Nationalism v. Sectionalism

Nationalism is the belief that national interest should be ahead of any other interests such as regional interests.

Sectionalism is the opposite of nationalism which refers to a restriction of interest to a narrow sphere, regional interest. It will easily lead the nation to fall apart because every region wants to protect its own interest which may harm to the others.

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