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Custom Boiler Cleaners Inc

8720 Ditmas Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11236-1606

Phone: (718) 385-7711

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Boiler Service Based in Brooklyn, New York

Boiler Repair and Maintenance

Maintaining your boiler is imperative if you plan to remain comfortable throughout a New York winter. Our boiler repair and maintenance services ensure your system is in top working order throughout the season, and emergency services are always standing by should something break.

Boiler Cleaning

Soot and debris build up as your boiler burns fuel. To improve fuel and heating efficiency, our boiler cleaning services ensure that your home remains comfortable throughout the winter, saving you money while providing the most heat.

About Us

Custom Boiler Cleaners Inc. is a Brooklyn, New York, based boiler service company specializing in boiler cleaning, maintenance, and repair.

Established more than 50 years ago, Custom Boiler Cleaners, Inc. offer the experience and skill that you look for in a boiler service. Our team is equipped with eight high-pressure truck-mounted vacuums to provide maximum efficiency for any service, including our 24-hour emergency service calls. Our fleet allows for reliable, on-time service appointments and a fast response for emergency service calls.

Fully insured, our prompt, reliable service is available for all clients, including commercial, industrial, and apartment homes. We specialize in Fulton™, Cyclotherm™, and Hydrotherm™ boilers.