High School Staff Newsletter

January 27, 2020


Our Vision of Learning

In full support of our district mission and vision, we at SCC High School are committed to...

Creating a learning experience built on creativity, choice, efficiency, and engagement, resulting in high-achieving and creative problem-solvers who take intellectual risks to discover the world around them and maximize their potential.

We Have the Power to...

  • SERVE others
  • show EMPATHY
  • LIFT others UP

Please Support A.L.I.V.E. BINGO

Thursday, January 30th from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

  • Bobtown Brewhouse & Grill (Roberts)
  • Childcare available from 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm at the Elementary School

A.L.I.V.E. BINGO Flier (includes link to childcare registration form)

Please consider helping us with childcare supervision and/or running the BINGO event (NHS students will be playing with the children)

Assist with Childcare and/or Bingo

Please consider providing a gift basket or items to be used for a basket or prizes

Bingo & Prize Raffle Donations Sign-up

For Fun

From a Principal's Facebook Group

What's the weirdest thing you've said at work?

  • “Why did you smoke marijuana inside the school instead of behind the school on the hill like everyone else?”
  • We don’t lick our friends!
  • "The child has begun to weaponize his urine."
  • You thought the mud was poop and you put your finger in it WHY?
  • “You are going to have to retake personal finance. The bottle of vodka you just traded for costs way less than the marijuana you just traded for it,”
  • Today: you cannot use counterfeit money to buy snacks for your friends in the cafeteria.....
  • “Ma’am, according to your son the marijuana belongs to his Grandpa.”
  • I am going to have to keep the hand grenade. Your parents can pick it up, I will let them know. (I still have the hand grenade, 26 years later)
  • How on earth did you end up with one foot in a toilet full of poop?
  • Please don't pick your buggers while we are dancing with partners
  • Sir, your son informed me he found the weed... in your house... in your bedroom... in the shoebox... the one hidden inside your suitcase on the top shelf of your closet.
  • ‘There is NO naked at school!’
  • “Take that baby skunk outside!”
  • "He accidentally peed on your head?"
  • Sir, it's not okay for your son (kindergarten) to hand out your business cards for your tattoo shop to all the other kinder kids at recess.
  • "If someone doesn't tell me who pooped in the trashcan, I will start sniffing butts!!"
  • In a second grade classroom... Me: " Marcos, kissing is only at home."
    Marcos: "Hey Yvette, want to go to my house?"

YUMMMM... Donuts!

Thank you for a great semester.

The art of education is a family endeavor. We take home the triumphs, challenges, bumps, and bruises that we face each day. Thank you for hanging tough and standing in the gap for each other and kids.

As a show of gratitude for everyone's hard work, support for each other, and dedication to students, Paula and I will be providing donuts for the entire staff on Monday morning.

You are the best!

Kurt & Paula




Monday, January 27 - Donuts in the Staff Workroom!

Another great day to be a Panther!

Tuesday, January 28 - BLT will NOT meet

7:35 am - 7:55 am - Staff Meeting (Lecture Room) 504 & Q12

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm - ASVAB Results (Klein - Lecture Room)

Wednesday, January 29

7:35 am - 7:55 am - MIXED PLC Groups - More details provided on Tuesday

  • TOPIC: How do you handle reassessments in your department? What is the process?
  • Discuss best practices - what works, what doesn't?
  • We'll figure out groups prior to Wednesday.

Thursday, January 30 - ALIVE BINGO NIGHT

12:00 pm - 2:30 pm - Walmart (Hanson)

12:00 pm - 3:30 pm - EL Training (Large Conference Room)

6:00 om - 8:00 pm - ALIVE BINGO - Bobtown Brewhouse and Grill

Friday, January 31

8:50 am - 10:45 am - HSLT


Thank you for your outstanding effort, kindness, excellence, and selflessness.

Senoritas Wech and Wollberg - Proofreading my course descriptions! Thanks for always helping me out!

The Kitchen Staff and Amy Hueg - Giving me boxes to help me with my packing! Really helped me out!

John Tackmann - For bringing me to/from work while my car was getting fixed!

Everyone who is helping to get photos to me for yearbook pages - We couldn't create the yearbook without your pictures and help!

Tracy Klein, Travis Madigan, and Chris Deno - Changing schedules of multiple students to accommodate their math needs. It was a TON of work and I'm sure it will pay off. Thank you!

Duane Jourdeans - Proofreading a letter for me. Thanks big guy!

Math Team - Working tirelessly to get students caught up and finished from 1st semester. Although it's not always best for our sanity, it's what's best for students!

Jason Koele - Congrats on getting a new job in Missoura! It was well-deserved but we'll miss you!

Chris Deno - Always getting me GPAs for students and helping me figure out my gradebook for quarter credit students for Work Release

Chris Buckel, Dani Wollberg, Cami Stansbury, and Mitch Klimek - Thanks for constantly helping me out, answering questions, and reminding me that Carole forgot to finish the course descriptions. I really appreciate it all. It's made the first semester of the year one to remember :D

Carole Scheder - Being a great friend and colleague. Couldn't have gotten through the first semester without you even though you're pretty forgetful. Especially when it comes to course descriptions.

Admin - Made us aware of the dangers of screen use for all of us.

Kim Gunderson and Chris Deno - Amazing dedication, intelligence, and hard work preparing the report cards. Couldn't have been done without you. #TEwarriors

Teachers - Importing grades for the first time in TE - wonderful job! Thank you for your patience and hard work.

Jason Koele - Congrats on grabbing a job in the South! #concealandcarry

Chris Buckel - Organized a monster ballad staff development bracketology opportunity for our wing. (And didn't even ask for BLTPBISBLTPBIS permission)

AP Teachers - Thank you for coordinating and changing for consistency.

Heather Jourdeans - Organizing pizza for PD

Jen Staidl - Created a super helpful modified assignment for her ELA students.

Mrs. Madigan - She officially adopted Bill Emery!!! Stay tuned for next year's X-mas card family photo!

Kurt Soderberg - Teacher Eased -- thanks for persisting through all the bumps and moments that may not be filled with joy. Your effort is valued and appreciated.

Jason Koele - Gives his best every day at SCC -- looking forward to embracing one more semester of Panther growls.

Chris Buckel - Created a fun 80s ballad bracket for staff and students in the ELA/SS wing during power hour and Homeroom time.

ELA Department - Making adjustments to their curriculum for the benefit of students

Tracy Klein - Dedicated work to enhance our use of 504 plans. Students first!

CTE Department - Creating a great vision for the department. Keep up the great work.

Carolyn Lent - Making some sweet treats for us (YUM!!!) and making sure some permanent passes were put into the WIN sheet

Kurt Soderberg - Always having my back and always trying to figure out how to make things better. Thank you for having tough conversations with some of my talkative boys that I've been having issues with.

Carole Scheder - Constantly trying new strategies with a unique junior class. #rockstar

Chad Konsela - Thanks for fixing the Smart Board which consequently makes me a more effective teacher!!

Hali Tasler - Took the risk and called a parent to discuss troubling behaviors of a student. The parent said she would "take care of it"!! Way to go.

Carole Scheder - Set a new tone with some challenging students. #nottakingyourcrap



Thanks, Dani for creating the doc.


Please refer to these guidelines prior to your absence. p.s. we'll miss you!


Check out the PBIS Incentives. You will be asked to cover this information with your HR students.