Volunteer for miGoogle

Earn Community Service Hours

What is miGoogle?

The Michigan Google Education Summit is a two day conference organized and run by Michigan educators, featuring unique application of Google tools in the classroom – from Chromebooks to Google Drive, Blogger, Maps, and more! miGoogle is not about devices or products, it’s about inspiring educators with the future so that they can engage and inspire their students to do great things.

How can you help?

We need volunteers to help with a number of things:

  • help with registration (passing out name tags etc)
  • direct people to rooms and help them find their way around
  • check in with presenters to see if they need anything
  • report any issues to our general help number
  • help collect forms and name tags

You do not need to

  • Solve technology problems. You'll have a number to call to report problems.

Volunteer Details:

Monday November 2nd: 7:30am - 2:00pm (can stay later if you want to)

  • Registration
  • Directions
  • Prep for Tuesday

Tuesday November 3rd: 7:15-4:00pm - Many volunteers needed

  • Registration
  • Directions
  • Checking in with presenters
  • Collecting forms


  • Do you have to work all day?
    No, you will sign in and out. Your volunteer hours will be calculated based on your time here. If you won't be here all day, let me know on the sign-up form.
  • What about lunch?
    As a volunteer, you get free lunch with the conference attendees. Lunch usually consists of your choice of a salad or sandwich, with soup, dessert and a beverage. The menu will be available close to the conference date and the staff will adjust for dietary needs.
  • How will I know what to do?
    You will receive general descriptions of all of the jobs the week before the conference and your specific job assignment when you arrive. Your job assignment will have a detailed explanation of what you will be doing. If you have any questions, Miss Daig will be available to answer them.

Questions or more information:

For questions or to learn more about the conference or volunteering, see Miss Daig.