America is deceitful

Anthony Tirado

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America is...

deceitful because it claims to be the land of the free, the land of opportunity, this amazing country, but is it really? 33,000 citizens a year are killed by gunfire in the USA.
USA has invaded 77 countries since WW1 while none have invaded the USA. America lies to its own citizens! Discrimination is still present, People still have trouble achieving they're goals because of their sex or race, Women have a lesser pay rate. so I ask you, How do you define freedom? Because this is not freedom. Not being able to get a job because your African American, or because your a women, or not able to get into a good college because your Mexican is not freedom, is this what "The land of opportunity" looks like? I hope not! America is deceiving everyone because they claim to be this great country, but on the inside its just as bad as some other countries. America want to control what we think and how we think, what we see, and how we see things.

Historical evidence #1

President Johnson promises the people the he would enter the war. The pentagon papers said other wise, He "had knowingly deceived the American people in their conduct of the war." The pentagon papers were suppose to be secret documents but were leaked to the public. It revealed to everyone that the government and president lied about entering the war. It showed the plans to enter the war, their own president lied to them. As I said before, America will lie to its own citizens. This proves America is a liar, and it wants monitor what we see no matter what it takes in order persuade how we think.

Historical Evidence #2

In 1978, Bakke registered for medical school but was denied for "race quota" purposes. Bakke sues the university of California to show that this is unconstitutional and not fair because he was qualified, maybe even more qualified than some of the others accepted into the college. This violated the civil rights act of 1964, once again America discriminates. This man was discriminated on his race, causing him to not being accepted into med school because he was white. This proves America is not really "The land of opportunity," or that its "the land of the free."

Historical evidence #3

On May 4, twenty-eight guardsmen opened fire on a crowd, killing four students and wounding nine. At this time On April 30, 1970, President Richard M. Nixon appeared on national television to announce the invasion of Cambodia by the United States and the needed to draft 150,000 more soldiers for an expansion of the Vietnam War effort. This enraged many people causing many to protest across America. Some Protestors at the university state were just exercising their freedom of speech and expressing their opinion. Because of this, it resulted to their deaths, America did this because they were trying to promote war and wanted to make sure others weren't doing the opposite. Once again America is trying to control what we think by killing this protesters and proves America is not completely "the land of the free" if these people were killed for expressing their freedom of speech.
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My thought process

At 1st i couldn't think of what to do until i saw a shoebox in my closet. I thought i could make the outside of the box pretty but on the inside make ugly. This is deceiving because you thought it was something pretty but it was actually ugly on the inside. I did this to resemble America.
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This symbolizes America because the outside is beautiful and patriotic. America CLAIMS to be "the land of the free" or "Opportunity" but that's jut what it wants you to think. Under Americas true colors, it is actually deceiving, a big lie, and is the opposite of what is says. This is why I made the inside of the box bad. I chose a box because one could see the beautiful outside but then see the inside for what it truely is(America)

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