Digital Citizenship

for 9-12 students

Defining Digital Citizenship has many definitions of digital citizenship. I personally believe the second definition is the most appropriate. It states that a safe, responsible, and ethical approach to functioning in the digital world. Digital citizenship applies to everyone. It is your personal responsibility to use the digital world in a safe, responsible, and ethical way.
What is Digital Citizenship?

What is your digital footprint?

Go ahead and take a quick second to get on Google and look at yourself. What do you see? What do you not see? Is this what you want the world to view you as?

Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

Here are nine things you need to be aware of when you are creating you digital footprint. Click this link and watch the video to find some information on the nine elements.
The nine elements of digital citizenship

What will you do?

Digital Citizenship - Who Will You Be?