Super Hero Trading Card

By: Maria Sansavera

Super Hero Name: Sir Krypton (alter ego: Dr. Jack Daniels)

Dr. Daniels is one of the most famous chemists for discovering a new element, called krypton, from residue left from evaporating nearly all the components of liquid air. His discovery made him what he is today, everything was going well for him, until one night, his life changed forever. On that fateful night, he was recently working on creating a laser using krypton, which he called the krypton fluoride laser, which will help with important nuclear fusion energy research for his project, but when he went to test it, the laser backfired and vaporized him, causing him to have incredible powers, in which he promised to only use his powers for good, so by day he goes by Jack Daniels, but at night he goes by the name of Sir Krypton.

Periodic Table Information

  • Element Symbol: Kr
  • Name: Krypton
  • Atomic Number: 36
  • Avg. Atomic Mass: 83.80
  • Number of Protons and Electrons: 36


Characteristics: Krypton is characterized by several sharp emission lines (spectral signatures) the strongest being green and yellow. It is one of the products of uranium fission. Solid krypton is white and has a face-centered cubic crystal structure, which is a common property of all noble gases (except helium, with a hexagonal close-packed crystal structure).

Important uses: Krypton is used in some types of photographic flashes used in high speed photography. Some fluorescent light bulbs are filled with a mixture of krypton and argon gases. Krypton gas is also combined with other gases to make luminous signs that glow with a greenish-yellow light.


  • When exposed to an electrical current under low pressure, krypton gas lights up like neon — but instead of red-orange, krypton glows smoky white
  • when exposed to his krypton gas, a person could possibly die or get major health systems
  • when exposed to kryptonite, he looses all of his powers, therefore becoming weak
  • he has tremendous strength and can zap u in a second with his laser eyes and he can fly, plus can zap a person with krypton coming out of his hands.