Come watch and maybe even play!

Volleyball experiments

Volleyball is a great sport to play and it is also very fun to watch. Our coach makes us do bonding excises sometimes. She puts us in a group and we answer volleyball questions as a group we answer the question. But the one thing we don't know is that someone is saying the wrong answer on purpose. This would be like the line experiment. Mrs. Davidson when she is gone or is going to be late to practice puts some girls in charge. Because they feel like they are the authority figure they boss people around meanly. This would be like the prison experiment. She also does this thing were she does a series of test and they sometimes push us and not want us to do it because we know it is the wrong fundamental our play. But she sees if we are going to be obedient to her and this would be like the obedience experiment.

The Coach!

Mrs. Davidson is the head coach of the volleyball team. She makes us be obedient towards her even when we do not want to sometimes. We love our coach she pushes us to do our best. She may be mean at times but that is just because she loves us and wants us to be the very best we can.

This is a fun and enjoying place!

Group Thinking and Popularization

As a team we conformity to one another's ideas. We also group think this means that we play and help each other in the group for a better out come for the group. In the game that we play we have to group popularization. This means that we have to think of ways as a group to handle certain situations. Sometimes the people in our group fundamental attribution error. This is not that good for the team because they make something seem less important than it is.

What we do not like!

We do not like people that are self -serving bias. This means that they do things for a positive outcome for them self's and not the team. As a team we work together and train together to become a great volleyball team.