WANTED (Yersinia pestis)

Death of Millions by Drew Johnson

The Bubonic Plague (The Black Plague)

The Bubonic Plague was a disease that spread throughout Europe and killed about 1/3 of the total population.


Symptoms of this disease can vary between a headache and chills to bleeding from the eyes, ears, skin, and other major organs. One way to tell if they have it is if they have swollen lymph nodes.


Yersinia pestis is mostly spread through flea bites. Another was coming in contact with contaminated fluid or tissue.


The most commonly infected organism are fleas and rodents, but can be contracted by humans as well.


This bacteria can be taken care of by most commonly used antibiotics. The earlier you treat this, the more likely you will make a full recovery.


Now, Yersinia pestis mostly inhabits south-central Africa due to the dryer climate. There are cases in North and South America also, along with southern Asia.