Mrs. Henry's 4th Grade Class

October 2015


Many exciting things are happening in our classroom! First, all the students did a fabulous job on their "Community Professions" presentations. The students all learned a lot about the jobs in our own community. Second, we have 5 new "Students in the Spotlight" for this month! These students are Emma, Michael, Andrew, Elizabeth, and Sadie. These students will have the opportunity throughout this month to share about themselves with the class. Last, information about this month's Fall Festival will be sent home later this week. All students and families are encouraged to attend this event!

Classroom Dynamic

Making the Switch:

Our class will be moving toward a "student-directed model". This will make our classroom into more of a democratic classroom. The needs and interests of students will be taken further into account, as well as my needs and interests. As a class, we will work to ensure all students needs and interests are accounted for as we manage our classroom together. We will move away from using extrinsic rewards. Students will learn more about how to guide their own decision making process. Students will be:

  • Invited to make their own daily decisions
  • Encouraged to learn appropriate behavior among themselves
  • Able to hold classroom discussion about our standards of behavior for the classroom
  • Establishing routine class meetings for students to talk about their feelings
  • Creating an environment in which all students feel safe and positivity is promoted