Anger can steal things from you

Anger takes away your sense of right and wrong

How does anger take away our sense of right and wrong?

  • When we get frustrated or upset at someone we do things to get back at them and sometimes the thing we do aren't vary pleasant or nice.
  • If our parents take something from us because we did something wrong, we either try to get it back without them knowing, or we take something of theirs to get back at them.
  • If we ever get in trouble at school or home we get upset at the people who got us in trouble or gave us the consequence so we think doing something bad will make us feel better, but in the end it makes us feel worse because we either feel guilty or we get caught and end up in more trouble.
  • Anger can take away certain abilities like being able to concentrate. If your angry you seem to focus on the matter of being angry instead of focusing on what your supposed to do.

How to solve it

  • A way to not do things that are wrong, just don't do what made you angry in the first place.
  • You have to learn from your consequences sometime, so why not just live with it for a while and not do it again. Taking things will just get you into more trouble.
  • A way to focus is to listen to music, music help you travel to another place and forget about the real world. So plug in your headphones and forget why you mad in the first place.