sara kathryn cole

Have you ever seen a hater doing better then you? Me either!


I am interested in teaching high school students! All of the surveys I took said my highest score was in performing arts, and that also interests me just a little bit. My values are my friends and my family! All these things should be considered while looking for a career because who would want to work somewhere they really don't like? No one that I know would say yes to answer that question, including myself.


My career as a high school teacher consists of many responsibilities!! A quick job discription of this career is that you spend a lot of time preparing/giving lectures to your students. You have to grade their homework assignments that you havr recently handed out. Your median salary is right around $59,000 anually. This job is in the Education and Training cluster! You would work Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. to around 3:00p.m. I say around 3:00 because some schools don't get out until 3:15 p.m. Your work environment is students, other teachers, and principals. This job will be around for quite some time because it educates the children/young adults, and that is very imortant! Something interesting about this job is that you never know what could happen in one of your classes! Some students can be very creative and make your day or break your day, either way you get to be around people every day and that is what I love to do.


I would like to attend college in Florida because of the beach and the distance from home isn't too bad. They have a great Education program going on there and I think that's where i want to go. For my career I will need a bachelor's degree, which is four years of college. I would be a non-resident because this college is out of state. The FSU tuition is $21,741 a year.