Michiel Camps

What is more painful and repellent than burying a son or a friend?

What is more disgusting and frightful than people slaughtering each other?

What is more horrible and coward than the sacrifice of millions for one’s benefit?

Cause that is war, comrades, millions die to obey the goals of one. A million sons, friends, fathers, killing off each other. But to get rid of war, we first should get rid of our mightiest enemy, called greed. Especially combined with power, greed can be a dangerous foe. When a greedy man obtains the power (and the money) to start a war, he will only need a little spark to actually do that. In my opinion, war is only a worst case scenario, not a tool to acquire more power or money, so let’s get rid of it, and let’s do anything to avoid this useless kind of manslaughter.

We Were All Wounded At Wounded Knee - Redbone