6th Grade NF Research Project

Now the Fun Stuff Begins!

Title of Your Smore

While researching, you began to get a "feeling" associated with your topic. Make sure your title reflects this feeling. For example, what feeling did you get from Machu Picchu? What would have made a good title? Now apply that lesson to your own Smore.


Click on the "Gallery" option. You will be able to add three photos related to your topic. In the description section, you will write why this photo is so important that you had to include it in your project.


Create an event that might be held regarding your topic. Create fake details to go with this event and post it on your Smore.


You have to find a song that would be perfect for your research. The lyrics have to be acceptable, people! :) I will have to OK the song. Upload it using the audio button and add some text as to why this song goes well with your research.


Create a "bio" of someone or something that has to do with your topic. For example, I might do one on Hiram Bingham. But, let's say you are doing something like turtles, you might make yourself a fake scientist and create a facebook account, etc. to go with that fake bio.