Coco Chanel

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Personal Statistics

Birthplace: Saumur, France

Birth date: August 19th, 1883

Education: Coco Chanel was educated by nuns.

Martial status: single

Early designing experience: Coco Chanel learned to sew in her early years.

What she did: She made dresses, hats, perfume, and women's suits.

Death: January 10th,1971

What was she famous for?

She was famous for her designs and perfume.

Coco Chanel's style

  • Neutral colors, such as beige, black, and white.
  • She used a fabric known as "jersey".
  • Her style was classy and professional.
  • The silhouette she used was A-Line.
  • False/real pearls and gemstones were her most used accessories.


  • Neiman Marcus Fashion Award
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Price range

Coco Chanel's price range is couture.

Other products

  • Hats
  • Perfume
  • Women suits

Three important things to remember

  1. Designer of the "Little Black Dress".
  2. Used neutral colors.
  3. Her style is still on-going.
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