Gifted Hands Therapy

Stress Relieving Aromatherapy, Massage for Muscular pain

Are you stressed? Are suffering from neck, shoulder or back pain?

- then Gifted Hands Therapy can help!

Aromatherapy is well known for its healing and restorative properties and its ability to tackle stress.Darius Joseph is a qualified and experienced Aromatherapist with skilfully prepared blends to help your cares melt away.

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When life's tension and stresses leave us with pain in the muscles and connected tissues, we can grin and bear it or we can seek a solution.

Often our muscles harbour what's know as Trigger points which cause pain and discomfort. By identifying and relieving them, the body can be free from pain and restored to normal function. Book an appointment to relieve your pain today

- call Darius on: 0758 466 1063.

Gifted Hands is a Home-based Business in Birmingham, United Kingdom near Junction 6 of the M6 Motorway. We look forward to serving you.