Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Magazine Creator Available for Computers and now PHONES!

Some of you are probably familiar with "Glossi," a site where you can create online magazines. The company now offers, “Slipp,” an app to build magazines, cards, etc. for phones. The app is free. Go to:
The old Glossi address will not take you directly to the site. First, you must go to!/featured. Once there, click "About" and in the dropdown menu you will find "Glossi." Then, you will have to click the link to it in the text of the page.

Make/Take Notes on a Web Page

With Bounceapp, you can grab a web page screen shot and make notes on it. . User can share ideas on the same site by each grabbing, notating, and then sharing their work.

"Search Literacy" Tutorials

( Vaughan Memorial Library, Acadia University) has published some excellent tutorials on “Search Literacy.” The videos are interactive, and are in cartoon images. Each tutorial is about 10 minutes long.
“Research it Right” Link:
“Sources for Courses” Link:
“Credible Sources Count” Link:

Compare/Contrast Charts

A great tool to compare/contrast almost anything. Anyone can edit this site (like Wikipedia) so credibility can sometimes be a problem. However, since anyone can edit, users can improve existing charts or create their own. Link:
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