Book Project

Fablehaven By:Dominick Stoff

This is the front cover of my book.

My Hook

Embark on a journey with Kendra and Seth in the dark forest behind their grandfathers house. As they make many discoveries leading to what is really going on in the forest.
Fablehaven Book Trailer

Others Review

Kendra and Seth, the main characters of Fablehaven, are going to stay with their Grandpa and Grandma on a reserve for the summer. What they do not know is the reserve is actually for fairies, trolls, witches, and goblins. There are a few times a year when the evil creatures come out and play, and the biggest is midsummer’s night. During the night, the humans are protected until a creature tricks Seth into opening the bedroom window resulting in Grandpa being kidnapped. The next day Kendra and Seth discover that the chicken in their bedroom is Grandma. They have Grandma return to her human state to help save Grandpa. At the same time, they let loose an evil witch who wants to release the Bahamut and cause havoc throughout the world. After the three fail on the first rescue attempt, Kendra escapes and becomes the last hope. She calls upon the fairy queen to save the preserve. By Brandon Hulst

My Review

Fablehaven is a great book with lots of ups and downs. I think the Jaws theme song goes great with the way the stories plot follows. Through the book it had me on the edge of my chair saying what happens next, please who did it, why did he/she do it. It is a great book i would recommend if you like mystery and action.