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August 2018

Back to Routine

I was going to call this the back to school issue but then I realized we have lots of people in our customer group that are not in the back to school circle. I then wondered, is it still back to routine when you or your child are not going back to school? We also have a lot of teachers in our group and grandparents. Summer to me is busy, but the routine is off. I have trouble planning because I want to say "yes" to the offer for a swim date, or "yes" to the friend that says we are coming to town. I want to have lazy days with no plans. I admit I am over the lazy days with no plans and I am ready to back to routine, back to school time, and work time and better planned meals and exercise. Are you ready or are you hanging on to less routine and more lazy days?

doTERRA has some really awesome specials for us this month! They just keep surprising me. Manuka Touch Oil Y'all! Litsea Oil for us! We can't buy these oils in the United States but this month we can get them FREE!

Why can't we buy them? Usually when we can't buy an oil from doTERRA it is because doTERRA will not sell us an oil that they can not get at the quality they require at a stainable quantity. Both of these oils are sold in Australia right now. When doTERRA can get the quantity to continuously sell in the US then I am sure we will have it available.

This month you can get it with any 200 pv order. This includes retail orders, standard orders or LRP orders! Read below to learn more about these beautiful oils.


Click here! This webinar will help you prepare for back to school! EXCELLENT information for anyone that needs better focus.

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Have you ever tried Manuka Honey

I have a question! Have you ever use Manuka Honey? Manuka Honey is recognized as food medicine. It comes from New Zealand where the bees pollinate the flowers of the Manuka tree. It is extremely anti-microbial. What this means is sometimes we don't know if we are fighting a virus, a bacteria, a fungus or a parasite so in nature we can fine plants that have the properties to fight them all.
Manuka Essential Oils is steam distilled from the Manuka flower. A 5 ml bottle of this oil will have the chemical potency of 28 bottles of Manuka Honey.
doTERRA does not offer this oil for purchase in the USA. When doTERRA does not offer an oil it is usually because they can not get a quality product produced sustainably. Until they can find that they will not offer it.
doTERRA has taken this oil and created a touch blend that is only available this month and is only available as a promotion.
Spend 200 pv this month and receive this touch blend free.
Manuka oil is extremely good for the skin as most flowers, it is great for fighting acne. It is anti-inflammatory, it works like other flowers in balancing emotions and it is highly antibacterial. Less is more with this oil so the touch blend is perfect.
I have never used this oil so I am learning about it through our teams in Australia.
Here are some suggested uses:
* Apply to skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
*Apply to face and décolletage to smooth skin and even color.
*Diffuse to promote relaxation and unwind
*Apply before and after exercise to aid the natural recovery process.
*Use to promote a healthy immune system
*Massage into feet after a bath to keep feet Clean and Healthy.
*Use on pulse points to promote inner strength and courage
*Diffuse to help soothe feelings of tension.**
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You can not get Litsea in USA from doTERRA. This usually because doTERRA can’t get it sustainable at the quality they require.
Litsea is in the HD Clear oil because it is very good for skin. They do sell it in Australia and the teams there told me it is chemically similar to Melissa. They called it the poor mans Melissa. They said it had a similar aroma to Lemongrass. It is described as very anti-microbial. Melissa is highly anti-viral!
It is a air purifier, and very good for the lungs, cough. It is great for the nervous system. Also for those that need to gain weight it can help stimulate appetite. It helps speed up a sluggish digestive system. It helps even out oily skin and it is antibacterial so it can help help with break outs.
Free with any type of 200 pv order this month. Not currently available for purchase.
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doTERRA has three skin care lines. HD Clear is the one we recommend for break out prone skin. This would be a great back to school gift for your teen or pre-teen. At 10% off it is a great value. Keep in mind that doTERRA has a pretty generous return policy so if it isn't a fit for your teen, check it out.
HD Clear Facial Lotion

Click here to learn more.

HD Clear Foaming Face wash

Click here to read more

HD Clear Topical Blend

Click here to learn more about HD Clear Topical Blend Essential Oil

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Are you on the Loyalty Reward Program (LRP)? If you are, than place your 125 pv order by August 15 and get the free product of the month. This month the product is OnGuard 5 ml,, perfect for your purse or gift it to your favorite teacher. She will love you!

What is the Loyalty Reward Program (LRP)?

The Loyalty Reward Program rewards you for being a loyal customer. Here is how it works.

1. First you pick the date you want to order every month.

2. Then mark your calendar for a few days before that date so you can edit your cart.

3. Fill your cart each month with the products you actually need that month.

4. You get all your shipping back in points when you order on LRP.

5. When your order is over 50 pv you get 10%-30% back in points to spend later.

6. The longer you are in the program, the bigger percentage you get back.

7. Spend 125 pv before the 15th of the month and qualify for the free product of the month.

LRP can be super easy and you get the most value! Please reach out to the person that introduced you to doTERRA so they can make sure you understand the program.

Beyond the Basics Classes in Katy, Texas

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