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Presenting: Inventors and their inventions

Exhibit on Inventors and their Inventions

Several people during the renaissance created key inventions that would help and still are used today. Inventors such as Jan Van Eyck and Cornelis Drebbel created many things that would help out the world and have many impacts too. Come see these important inventions at Bushaw's Museum of Inventions.

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Cornelis Drebbel 1572-1633

Cornelis Drebbel was born in Holland in 1572. He alson attended a Latin school in Alkmaar for some years. Him and his family were later invited to England with his family by the king becuase of his knowledge. Then later, Drebbel was the dutch builder of the first navigable submarine in 1620. Drebbel was the innovator that contributed to the development of the measurement, optics, chemistry, and control systems.
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Jan van Eyck 1390-1441

Jan van Eyck was a netherlandish painter who used to of been called one of the most significant painters during the Northern Renaissance in the 15th century. Jan van Eyck painted most of his lifetime and did many different kinds of painting too. Jan van Eyck was also known for as inventing or re-inventing oil painting around 1410.

Otto von Guericke 1602-1686

Otto van Guericke was a German physicist, engineer, and natural philosopher who invented the first air pump and also used it to study the phenomenon of vacuum and the role of air in combustion and respiration. In 1650 he officially created the first air pump and used it to create a partial vacuum.
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William Lee 1563-1614

William Lee was an English Clergyman and an inventor who invented the first stocking frame Knitting Machine in 1589. It was the only one used for centuries, and is still in use today. The reason the he created the machine was because a woman that he was seeing showed more interest in knitting then him, so then he created the Stocking Frame Knitting Machine.