Digital Chitizenship

Digital Life 101 - UPLIFT


somethings to look for are

sense of ergency

wants you to log on to or account

account numbers

What not to do

  • Do not give out address account info social
  • Do not join chat rooms and chat with people u dont know
  • Don't Download Piracy stuff of the off the internet
internet danger video

Creators Rights

  • Piracy is illegal
  • Copyright is the a law that protects your control of the creative work
  • Fair use is ability to use small amount of copyrighted work
Piracy It's A Crime

Searching effectivly

  • Use Quotation marks (") to get that infomation together
  • Tilday (~) is when you need to find synmons
  • Use the (-) for words that have two meanings and you only want one kind

Branding yourself positively

  • Branding is how others see you online
  • If you are negitive and mean people see you that way even if you are not like that in person
  • When online stay positive don't trash talk a place or person it could effect you life like getting a job


  • Cyberbullying is involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior.
  • Ways to stop cyberbullying is tell a trusted adult
  • block them and ignore them


  • Remember piracy is illegal
  • Dont Share personal information
  • Have a positive Branding online
  • Report Cyber Bullying and Block