Hoot Hoot Herald

February 8-12, 2016

February = Busy

There's lots going on this month! You have TELPAS and GT and parent conferences. Not to mention Chinese New Year,Black History month,Random Acts of Kindness week and Valetine's Day! Take care of yourself during this busy, busy time.

Benchmarks will be happening on Tuesday and Wednesday. This will not impact non-testing grades. Recess, lunch, and specials will remain the same.

Please be sure to contact Ms. Hill in order to sign up for the TELPAS calibration.

Welcome Monique Wright as partime clerk in the main office!

Thanks for updating the bulletin boards and for decorating our hallways with student work. It's fun to see the many learning projects!

Do your students want to come on stage during the assembly this month to talk about Random Acts of Kindess, Chinese New Year, and / or Black History Month? Let me know!

Cultural Heritage is March 10th. We are looking for Doss Owls who want to perform. Please encourage students to share their culture with the campus on this night. A sign up sheet will be provided when we get closer to the event.

Have a great weekend!


Next Tuesday and Wednesday (February 9th and 10th) will be benchmark testing days.

Tues. 2/9

4th Writing

5th Math

Wed. 2/10

5th Reading

Based on the feedback from team leaders, we will follow our regular specials, lunch, and recess schedules, with the exception of 4th grade recess on Tuesday (we will try to find a time in the afternoon for 4th grade to have recess since they will be testing in the morning). Please refrain from using the blacktop during testing time on these two days. PE will need to double-up inside the gym while students are testing. Please take note of the following additional information:

  • Teachers can pick-up benchmark tests in my office on Monday.
  • Please count your test booklets to ensure you have enough for your class.
  • Students will have up to three hours to complete all benchmark tests with the EXCEPTION OF 4th Grade Writing.
  • 4th grade students will have up to four hours to complete the multiple choice questions AND complete the expository essay.
  • If your students have supplemental aids (math aids, graphic organizers, manipulatives) as one of their accommodations, please make sure they have those with them if they are testing in a small group.
  • Remember that we will have small groups of students testing all around campus. As you know, the district recommends no specials on these days but we realize how important it is for you and your students to have this time. Please help us by reminding your students to be very quiet while in the halls.

Any questions, please see Alicia or Vickie.

Teacher Treats for Spring Party

It is that time of year again for the PTA spring party. As always, the teacher treats that they can auction off are a HUGE hit with the parents and their children. The PTA has put flyers in your boxes for donations (and there will be extra on the tables in the teacher lounge).

Suggestions for teacher treat auction items would be a treat for a child with possibly one or two friends for a special event or time with you. Historically, the prizes that offer a party for the entire class do not go as well. If two teachers want to join together for a treat, that works too!

The deadline for submitting a teacher treat is Friday, February 26. The PTA contact for submissions is Emily Malek. Please contact her with your submissions (or fill out form and submit to office- extra forms are on the tables in the teacher lounge) or any questions at eberchmalek@yahoo.com or at 512-699-0023 (cell).

Counselor's corner- Random Acts of Kindness Week is coming!

"Doss Blooms with Kindness"

RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) Week is Feb. 16-19

  • Various activities during that week (more details to come):
    • Kindness Tree in atrium
    • Various Kindness lessons will be available for teachers to do with students

Valentine's Parties

All Parties will be on Friday, February 12 and are located in your classrooms.

Kinder: 2-2:45pm

First: 2-2:45pm

Second: 1:30-2:15pm

Third: 2:15-3pm

Fourth: 1:15-2pm, all classes EXCEPT Jones/Gustafson, which will be 2-2:50pm.

Fifth: 1:45-2:45


All data must be entered into ATVS.

Directions for entering data into ATVS for ORF: To find ATVS log onto the cloud and type ATVS into the search window. Click on the ATVS icon and then click on the tab on the top that says PRA/ORF. Once you click on PRA/ORF you will see a smaller tab underneath that says ORF. Click on this tab and your class and data entry screen should show up. For Comprehension enter 0 for incorrect and 1 for correct.

Please contact Ms. Thomas with any questions. Thanks!

The PTA needs YOU

The Texas PTA has let our Doss PTA know that they are close to qualifying for the Spring Increase Award. They are very close! In fact, Leona Doss Elementary PTA is only 5 members away from having a membership increase over last year.

If you haven't already joined the PTA, please consider doing so. You can now sign up online at www.dosspta.org, using the all in one form- it no longer requires you to enter in your children registered at Doss, so it is easier to sign up now for teachers and staff.

Computer Lab News

Computer Lab News

The lab will closed for Benchmarks on Feb. 9-10. Sometimes the lab opens after lunch on Benchmark days so afternoon classes should check to see if the lab is open.

The President just announced a new education program call “Computer Science for All”. He is proposing $4 billion in funding and additional support for training teachers to bring computer science to K-12 students. You can see the short video at: https://twitter.com/usedgov/status/693419335298224128.

The new tablets and Chromebooks will use Google Docs instead of Microsoft Word for word processing. This week I would like you to see if you can get to Google Docs.

  1. Log into the AISD Cloud with your user account.
  2. Click on the search triangle in the top left corner of your cloud page.
  3. Type in google and click on “Google Apps”. This should take you to the Google Docs home page.

You should now see be able to explore and learn more about Google Docs! The menu button is the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner. If you search for the word Doss, you should be able to see some documents I have posted to share. Call me if you have problems -James

End of the Year Parties

Your lead room parents are working on plans for the EOY parties so we need to nail those dates down. Please review the proposed schedule below and email me me with any changes.

June 1st:

1:45 - Kinder on the blacktop

1:45 - 2nd grade in the library and at the amphitheater

2:00 - 3rd grade outside near the 3rd grade portables

June 2nd:

1:30 - 4th grade iin the library, amphitheater, and outside around 3rd grade portables

1:45 - 1st Grade on the black top

5th to westover