LMS Student and Family Update

September 25th, 2021

Contact Information

Jon Grow, Principal

Takiyah Benson, Assistant Principal

Richard Petroske, Assistant Principal

Ann Ferkler, 6th Grade Counselor

David Gibbons, 7th Grade Counselor

Kia McKinney, 8th Grade Counselor

Week 4 Recap

LMS Families,

I can confidently say that the LMS Teachers and Students are working so hard! Lessons are engaging. Students are involved in great discussions. Teamwork is evident everywhere! We were able to have our first incentive on Friday and got kids outside for some good ol' fashioned RECESS! Much needed and deserved! Our teachers will be right back at it on Monday, while students have off, by collaborating with their supervisors and colleagues to improve their practices even more. We will then follow up with Early Fall MCAP Testing in the mornings this week. Please make sure the students are READY by having their laptop charged and a getting enough rest. Have have another great week!

Mr. Grow


Coming Up This Week!

Monday- No School for Students

Tuesday- MCAP (Math)

Wednesday- MCAP (ELA)

Thursday- MCAP (ELA)

Friday- MCAP (Science- 6th Grade ONLY)

Picture Day!

Friday, Oct. 22nd, 7:30am

410 Lockerman Street

Denton, MD

Fall Portraits: October 22nd

Absentees and retakes: November 22nd

Information for Quarantined Students!

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Wellness Center Update

The Wellness Center is here for you when you are not feeling well, but did you know we are here to help you keep healthy?

Here are some tips to stay well during the school year:

· WASH your hands frequently, it’s one of the best ways to PREVENT the spread of infectious diseases

· BRUSH your teeth at least two times daily for at least two minutes

· EXERCISE for at least one hour most everyday

· ALWAYS eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables

· AVOID/LIMIT Sugary foods and beverages

· SLEEP Getting enough sleep is vital to a healthy mind and body. Set a regular bedtime and try to wake up at this same time every day

· LIMIT Screen time

· BE SAFE Use a helmet when riding bikes or anything with wheels and wear your seatbelt in a vehicle

· VISIT your doctor every year to have a check-up

Lockerman Middle School Wellness is open Monday and Wednesday from 7:30 am until 3:00 pm and on Friday from 7:30 am until 11:30 am.

Kelly K. Davis CRNP

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Yearly Student Emergency Forms- Now all online

CCPS uses an online form (no paper!) to verify or update student information through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. The process typically takes less than five minutes per student, and allows families to verify that all of the student's data is correct and provide updates for any important data that has changed. This process replaces the old paper form sent home in previous years. Parents, please check your email for this information from:


Please note: If the student’s address has changed, proof of residence will be required. This may be uploaded through PowerSchool or provided directly to the school.

For more information, please see the CCPS news post on this topic.

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MCAP Testing

Please see the information below in regards to Early Fall MCAP Testing.

Early MCAP Dates:

Math: 9/28 - AM (2 sessions)

ELA: 9/29 - AM (1 session); 9/30 (1 session)

Science (6th): 10/1 - AM

Makeups will start 10/4.

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