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September 11, 2015

A Glimpse At Some Level 1 Classroom Visits This Week

This year, with a focus on our team goal in Level 1 interpretive reading, I will be visiting Level 1 classrooms quite a bit, especially with the newly redesigned curriculum. Two HLTPs (High Leverage Teaching Practices) I am really looking for this year when visiting classrooms are:

1. Evidence of specific I CAN statements that all students can articulate when asked, "What are you learning about?" and "What should you know and be able to do in (Spanish/French) at the end of the day or this week? Students need to own the learning objective, i.e., I CANs for the lesson or by the end of the week to take control of their learning and progress. More info can be found here.

**Professional Leadership and Learning Opportunity**Waukesha For Learning Essentials: Setting Instructional Outcomes TDP course starts Tuesday, September 15th!!

2. Providing timely and effective feedback. This can mean quick checks on the fly while monitoring, peer feedback, teacher-student feedback, and conferring. More information will be coming around feedback in the World Languages blog in the coming weeks.

Below are a few snapshots from some Level 1 French and Level 1 Spanish classrooms this week.

Spanish 1 Uses TPR to practice Basic Conversation

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Yes, they can understand native speakers!

Posted on February 16, 2015 by 3rs4teachers under 21st Century Skills, Pedagogy, Technology and Web 2.0, World Language

"I often hear teachers say that authentic videos featuring native speakers (and intended for viewing by other native speakers) are too difficult for our language learners to use as listening practice, let alone listening assessment. And yet, I think we can all agree that we would like to have our students listen to “real” products that are authentic, meaning that they were created and published by native speakers for native speakers. In addition to providing real examples of the language the students are learning, authentic videos place that language within culturally authentic contexts, thereby providing our students with windows into the cultures that speak the language and the way the cultures are reflected in the use of the language.

One approach I have found to help students better work with authentic video is to ensure we apply what we know about best practices pedagogy in general to the way we present videos and the ways in which we have students interact with."

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Video of a finished Zaption Tour

WAFLT 2015

2015 WAFLT Fall Conference

“Mission Possible: Global Multiliteracy -- Equipping 21st century learners for global citizenship”

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