Moore Media Newsletter

August 2014

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had an amazing summer! It's hard to believe we are already starting back again in just one week! I've seen a few of you when I've been at school for the summer reading sessions and am looking forward to seeing everyone again next week!

Some changes have been made to the library over the summer, shelves and rugs have been moved, signs have been added, I have a projection screen now (yippee!), and there will be three more security mirrors mounted before school starts I hope! Please stop by and take a look at the new set up whenever you can and let's do some planning together this year!

Promote Reading by focusing on award winning books!

Book Adventure is a website with free membership that is very similar to Accelerated Reader. Within the site you can, set up classes, create usernames and passwords, or have your students create their own usernames and passwords, view student progress, create contests, make booklists and so much more. This is a great source for reading comprehension.

I would be happy to help you if you choose to use this site in your classroom!