Champ Chat

October 2016

From Mrs. Bonds

We in first grade are glad to see the weather beginning to change. The students have been loving the cooler days at recess (and the teachers, too). As we get into the second half of this semester, there will be many special events and activities. Also, students are now settled in to the routine of school and are able to show champion behavior all around the school. October is a great time in first grade!

In the first week of October, we finished our narrative writing unit. Students learned how to write stories about something they do or something that happened to them. We learned how to make our stories "come alive" by making characters move, feel, and talk. We used craft moves to make our stories interesting, like ellipsis, bold words, and writing words BIG or small. Soon your child will be bringing home some of the narrative books they wrote.

Please don't forget about Chesney Night coming up on Friday, October 21st! This is our super fun fall carnival with games, inflatables, Just Dance, face painting, and more. Students will need a wristband to participate in the activities. Wristbands are $10 each and can be purchased at school. If you send in the money, I'll make sure it gets to the right place.

Thank you for your continued support of our class this year. It was been a wonderful ten weeks!

Upcoming Standards

Reading: I can tell the main idea of a book or passage. I can tell details that support the main idea.

Writing: I can write books about topics I know all about.

Math: I can tell time to the hour and half-hour. I can compare the length/height of three objects. I can measure objects with non-standard units.

Science: I can tell about plants and their needs. I can tell about animal needs. I can compare plants and animals.

Social Studies: I can tell why Thomas Jefferson was important and his positive character traits.

Important Dates

Friday, October 21 @ 6:30PM: Charles Brant Chesney Night (aka fall festival)

October 24-28: Red Ribbon Week

October 31: Information regarding wearing costumes to school will be shared at a later date.

November 8: No School due to Voting

November 16: In-House Zoo Fieldtrip

November 21-25: Thanksgiving Break; No School