Sea Turtles in Nicaragua

Emily Briggler


Ecotourism is a type of tourism in which protected places in nature are open to the public and observed in a way that lets the environment and ecosystems to be affected in a positive way. In this tourism endangered species will not be harmed and communities will have an increase in jobs. This type of tourism is important because unlike normal tourism it helps protect the environment from damage and also allows the beauty in nature to be seen by all people with positive turnouts.

Nicaragua's Sea Turtles

In Nicaragua from around July to December several thousand rare sea turtles return to the beach they were born on. They can be found ashore on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. When they return they each lay an average of 100 ping pong ball shaped eggs. They are important because they add to the beauty in the environment and contribute to the food web. Sea turtles in Nicaragua can be found on the coast of the Pacific and Caribbean.

Ecotourism's Effect on Sea Turtles

Ecotourism benefits sea turtles because it helps protect them from the dangers that normal tourism causes. Normal tourism may result in the production of trails that may negatively affect the turtles and their offspring. Rare sea turtles in Nicaragua can not survive with this type of tourism so ecotourism is a way to help the population of the species grow and thrive.

Nicaragua's' Existing Ecotourism Adventures

Nicaragua does have existing ecotourism adventures. Some of these ecotours include Nicaragua Sea Turtles and Marine Biology Tour and the Nicaragua Sea Turtle Volunteer Expeditidition.