Newsletter Wk7 12 Sept 2022

Holy Cross Catholic School Papatoetoe

Our Vision: Learning and Growing in Christ

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa, Talofa Lava, Malo e Lelei, Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Kia Orana, Hola como Estas, Marhaba, Greetings to you all.
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We awoke to the news of Queen Elizabeth's death on Friday morning, our time. It's incredible how a figure like the Queen, who has been a constant certainly for most of us our whole lives and now her death, can have such an impact. The moving message of our now King Charles 111 speaking of his mother's death, was spoken like any man would with the loss of his beloved mother but knowing his message would reverberate around the world.

Having been through the experience of loss ourselves, our hearts go out to others experiencing loss in their lives and this is such a public loss. The Queen's passing I am sure will touch us all in some way. May those ways be a gift and blessing for ourselves, our loved ones and for the world. Eternal rest grant to her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace.

Blessings on your week ahead as we celebrate Holy Cross Week and the Exaltation of the Cross on Wednesday, 14th 9.00am

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

This week we have two major celebrations of great importance. First and foremost our school name is celebrated on Wednesday, 14 September with the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross. Throughout the week we will also be Celebrating Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori - Maori Language Week.

Numerous activities have been planned to enable our children to undertake a variety of interrelated learning tasks working within their own classes and across the school with younger and older students learning together using the Tuakana Teina model where the younger child learns from the older and older child learns from the younger ones.

Students will be able to learn our school Pepeha as well as new phrases, prayers and songs in Maori.


Ko Kohuroa te maunga – (Crater Hill)

Ko Te Wai o Taikehu te awa – (Tamaki River)

Ko Tanui te waka

Ko Tanui te iwi

Ko Te Ākitai te hapu

Ko Huakaiwaka te tangata

Ko Te Kura Katorika o Te Rīpeka Tapu te kura.

Tihei! Mauri Ora!

As part of our Holy Cross Week we will be integrating The Caritas Social Justice Week material for 2022,

Whakakahoretia Te Kaikiri Kotahi Ano Tatou I Roto I Te Karati

Say No to Racism. We are one in Christ.

The focus for 2022 facing up to racism is both challenging and vitally important for all of us. The title of the Caritas resources makes it clear that in saying no to racism we choose to focus on the human dignity of all people and solidarity with anyone in need.


Nga manaakitanga ki a koutou katoa
Julie Paul


Notes of Condolences from Students in Rangimarie

I am deeply sorry for your loss. When I first heard the news, my heart felt deeply saddened and rather heavy. Her Majesty was an amazing icon over the years, winning the hearts of many, including me. She is a great role model to many and missed by many. I extend my deepest sympathies in the time of the mourning and will pray for your family. Mili Mary Tojin

Dear Royal Family,

I send my condolences to you all at this sad time. I’m terribly sorry to hear about the loss of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II, a kind-hearted Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother to you all. We are all praying for you and everyone hopes that you will recover from this devastating loss.

May God bless you always.


Amelia Brzozowski.

Dear Royal Family

I am dearly sorry for your loss. I know this won't change what has happened but I sure know what the feeling of losing someone is like. My deepest condolences go to your family. Our dear Queen Elizabeth II was a dedicated leader and independent woman who ruled fairly and justly. She will be missed. May she rest in eternal peace.

Tu’utu’u Tulai-Gago

To the Royal Family of Queen Elizabeth II

I am terribly sorry for your loss, Queen Elizabeth II was an inspiration and a great role model. She had a pure spirit and a heart of gold. Her presence in this world will never be forgotten, her time as Queen was a reign of joy and happiness. May she rest peacefully in eternal life and watch over you.

Keilani Ngan Woo - Matoha

Welcome to our Place

We welcome the following student to our school community during the past month and we hope they will enjoy their time here as they journey with us Learning and Growing in Christ: Giana Singh, Rico Meredith and Atonio Faitua.


How to Order Class Photos

PhotoLife visited our school recently and photographed each class. By the end of this term PhotoLife will email parents a Key Code. Parents will be able to go to the PhotoLife website and enter the Key Code. The photo of the class will be available for parents to view. If you wish to order a photo, this is done online and paid electronically.

If parents do not have an email address, they may phone PhotoLife on 09 262 1040 and arrange to view and/or order their child’s class photograph. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the School Office on 09 2788224 Extn 206.

Water only School

Just a reminder we are a Water Only School as this is the best drink, it's plentiful and free and healthier than other sugary drinks. Please do not send Up and Go or other milk drinks to school as teachers will ask your child to take them home.

Thank you for helping us to develop healthy eating habits at our school with less packaging and waste in your child’s lunchbox.

Hauora - Well Being of Us all

The wellbeing and hauora of our students, staff and whanau is very important and we thank our families who are ensuring our children are not arriving at school too early, remembering that the gates do not open until 8.15am when students are supervised. They should be off site by 3.20pm at the latest as after this they are not always supervised as meetings are scheduled for teachers from 3.15pm.

Children who are picked up late often become anxious and stressed which is not good for their mental and emotional health. It is also detrimental to their physical well being if it is a cold or wet day.

Raffle Tickets

Please return any unsold raffle tickets this week as we have names of people wanting to buy more tickets and this will enable us to sell all our tickets.

Stationery - Overdue Accounts

Please pay at the School Office by cash or EFTPOS or into our School ASB account using your child’s name and ‘Stationery’ as the reference. The account is: ASB 12-3028-0484186-00

You can also send this money to school in a named envelope with your child to give to their classroom teacher.

Attendance Dues

Please ensure that you are up to date with your Attendance Dues and that all automatic payments are at a level to meet the required amount that is due each term. If you have any queries please see Helen Peri or email her at We have been asked to follow up with any families who are in arrears by the Auckland Common Fund Limited who collect the attendance dues.

Sporting Fixtures for this Week

Years 4 - 6 Cross Country Field Day

On Tuesday 13 September we will participate in the Papatoetoe Schools Cross Country at the Puhinui Reserve, Prices Rd, Papatoetoe. Children will travel there by bus starting at 10.00am and finishing about 12.30pm. Thursday is the save day for this event.

Last week of Thursday Night Netball for Years 4 - 6

This is the final week of the netball competition at Auckland Netball Centre

Swimming - Years 3 - 6

This week will be the last week for swimming lessons for the students in Years 3 - 6.

Scholastic Book Orders

Issue 6 has been distributed and if you wish to place an order please use the online facility. Orders will close on 20th September. Orders are delivered before the close of Term 3.

Congratulations to all our athletes

AIMS Games

Congratulations to our AIMS Netball team that finished 8th. They did extremely well as there were 110 teams in this competition. Special thanks to Ahriel SIluuga, Janice Pili and Alex Lui for coaching and managing the team. Thank you to all the parents who travelled to Tauranga to support the team when they were playing.

Congratulations to Year 7 Blue Netball Team

On Saturday at the Auckland Netball Centre the Year 7 Blue Team were recognised for winning the competition round. They were unbeaten this year and they were playing in Year 7 Section 1. Well done girls and thank you to Mrs Pili, their coach.

Hunua Field of Dreams Sports Camp

Congratulations to our team of 19 girls who combined with De La Salle College to participate in the John Walker Field of Dreams Sports Camp at Hunua. This was an excellent opportunity for our students to experience a range of sports and to participate in mixed teams

Overall Results

3rd Overall on General Points- Holy Cross/De La Salle “De La Cross”

2nd Equal on Fair Play- Holy Cross/De La Salle “De La Cross”

Gold 1

Silver 3

Bronze 4

Cross Country- BRONZE

  • Jernee Mika, McKenzie Phillips-Fawdray & India-May Mann

Mountain Biking- BRONZE

  • Amelia Brzozowski, McKenzie Phillips-Fawdray, India-May Mann, June-Maria Penei, Ailey Ale & Giovanna Lemalu

Archery - SILVER

  • Giovanna Lemalu, Jernee Mika, Judith Moors, India-May Mann, Amelia Brzozowski & McKenzie Phillips-Fawdray

Tennis- Mixed Doubles- GOLD

  • Amelia Brzozowski & Aaron (DLS Boy)

Tennis- Girls Doubles- BRONZE

  • Amelia Brzozowski & Giovanna Lemalu

Badminton- Girls Singles- BRONZE

  • Amelia Brzozowski

Badminton- Mixed Doubles- SILVER

  • Giovanna Lemalu & Darius (DLS Boy)

Indoor Bowls- SILVERi

  • Amelia Brzozowski, Sarah Cowan, Veronica Maynard, June Maria Penei

Principal Awards


Room 1 Theodora Polath, Kelvin Karati

Room 4 Taimanea-Atarangi, Ivanka

Room 5 Alba Jefferson, James Dilworth


Room 1A Ayven Meredith , Kaylynn Lufe

Room 2 Angela Baba, Juneva Guila

Room 3 Mele-Kolua Bloomfield, Jermaine Sanele


Room 4A

Room 9 Eva Leaupepetele, Layla Ikenasio

Room 10

Te Matauranga

Room 11 Ivan-James Fe’ao, Khloe-Naveen Tuimauga

Room 12 Archie Stowers, Peyton Nomotu-Bruce

Room 13


Room 14 Maaimoa Latu, Matthew Toma

Room 15 Holy Tuivaiti, Margaret-Leigh Fala

Room 16 Dani Reni, Elliot Fidow-Brewster


Room 18 Lucyanne Ah Ching, Peter lemisio

Room 19 Chloe Palasan, Sebastian Gago

Room 20 Hadassah Fruean, Lionel Yusif


Room 17 Koloti Tangi, Liam Niko-Tuifao

Room 21 Gideon Kenese, Tessa Kay

Room 22 Savio Gijo, Ceejay Lolo


Room 6 Kava Fe’ao & Kimora Togiamana

Room 7 Arianna Fonoimoana & Briana Hau Kautai

Room 8 Tu’ut’u Tulai Gago & Leilani Rudolph Kalolo

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