Class Gift Week 2013

Celebrate and Give!

It's Class Gift Week 2013...

Now that we have an matching pledge from Dean Susan Collins, your gift goes an even longer way toward helping support student internship funding for Masters students and funding for internships and travel for undergrads--but only if we reach our goal of 100 Gifts!

Come celebrate with us this week at these TWO EVENTS: Last Day of Classes Brunch on Tuesday (tomorrow) and Post-Rehearsal Party on Friday. It will be a great way to spend some time with Fordies before we all say goodbye, and find out more about the Class Gift.

Hosted by your 2013 Class Gift Committee.

Last Day of Classes Celebration

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 at 11am

735 South State Street

Ann Arbor, MI

Come join us in the Great Hall on Tuesday Morning and give a gift of thanks to help the Ford School Class of 2013 reach its 100 Gifts goal!

You've worked hard. You're ready to don your cap and gown and celebrate--but before you do, finals lay ahead. What better way to wrap up the semester than with donuts from Washtenaw Dairy, Coffee, and Juice!

Current Gift Count:


Post-Rehearsal Party at BWW's

Friday, April 26th 2013 at 1-3pm

205 South State Street

Ann Arbor, MI

Come join us after graduation rehearsal at Buffalo Wild Wings, right near Rackham. There will be light appetizers and refreshments!

Your 2013 Class Gift Committee Thanks You for Your Support!

-Caroline Titan, Lizzie Weilberg, Kristy Hartman, Jeff Kessner, Matt Papadopoulos, Panha You, Tina Wei, and Stephanie Zamorano.

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