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Freshman at Grizzly Creek Camp

Educational Talent Search (ETS) News!

“Freshman Focus Camp” 2018

On September 25th and 26th, FRC’s Educational Talent Search program hosted an overnight “Freshman Focus Camp” for 9th graders from Portola and Loyalton high schools. Thirty-two PHS students took part in the many exciting and challenging activities at Grizzly Creek Camp near Portola and spent time looking to their future educational and career plans

Student Feedback About the Camp

Here are some of the responses the students gave at the end of camp when they were asked to complete the following sentence:

This experience…….

· was awesome because it was fun and after all the elements we had time to reflect and talk about all the things it symbolized.

· Was fun because it challenged me both physically and mentally and it was also very exciting.

· made me realize how I needed to shape up and take responsibility in my life.

· awesome because it uses fun ways to make a major influence on our brain to help us realize what we want to do after high school.

· was fun because everyone had something to do and everyone was involved.

· was eye-opening because it taught me to trust my friends and other people and also taught me to ask for help when I need it.

· was interesting because I got to think about everything in a new way and got to think about things not many people think about.

· was great because I loved my group and how we worked together and I wish we could stay longer so we can get to know each other just a little more.

· was amazing because I got to become closer with my classmates and learn to communicate with others. I also liked that we got to talk about our future.

· was fun because I gained new bonds with classmates and learned a little about myself.

· was good because I learned communication skills and what obstacles I need to overcome.

· was helpful because it just made me look at things through a different perspective.

· Was educational because it taught us how you can’t always accomplish a goal without a little bit of help.

Upcoming Events

10/10 Cash for College Night

10/10 PUSD Board Meeting at PJSHS-6PM

10/13 Purple Pride Boosters Golf Tournament at Plumas Pines

10/15 Picture Make-Up Day

10/15-20 Homecoming Week

10/17 ASVAB

10/19 Homecoming Parade 10:00 AM

10/25 Jr. High Dance 6-8 PM

10/30 Fall Harvest Festival 6:00 PM

10/31 Flu Shots

Sports Calendar

Fall Sports

10/4- Soccer @ Loyalton

10/5- Football @ Quincy

10/6- Flag Football Black vs. Loyalton- 2 pm

Flag Football vs. Quincy-1: 30 pm

10/8- Volleyball @ North Valleys

Feather River Jr. High Volleyball Jamboree-3:30 PM

10/9- Volleyball vs. Biggs-5:30 PM

10/9-Portola @ Quincy

10/11-Volleyball vs. Quincy-5:30 PM

Soccer @ Squaw Valley

10/12 -Football @ Fall River

Flag Football Black vs. Quincy 4 PM

Flag Football Purple @ Loyalton

10/16-Volleyball vs. Esparto DH-TBD

Volleyball vs. Core Butte-5:30 PM

Soccer Playoffs

10/19- Homecoming Game-Football vs. Biggs 5:30 PM

10/26-Football vs. Etna-5:30 PM

Football @ Quincy

Friday, Oct. 5th, 5:30pm

570 Golden Eagle Avenue

Quincy, CA

Thank You ASB Students for Keeping Us Informed!

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Boosters News

Mrs. Callahan will be selling Booster Club raffle tickets for gift baskets donated by the classes, teachers and soccer team on Monday 10/8, Tuesday 10/9 and Wednesday 10/10.

Raffle tickets will be selling for $1 each.

You may view the gift baskets and purchase raffle tickets during middle school break, high school lunch and after school until 4:00 PM. Gift Baskets have the following themes:

Class of 2019 (Seniors) Take A Hike

Class of 2020 (Juniors) Around the Campfire

Class of 2021 (Sophomores) Family Game Night

Class of 2022 (Freshmen) Snack Basket

Class of 2023 (8th Grade) Halloween Basket

Class of 2023 (8th Grade) Fall Basket

Class of 2024 (7th Grade) Family Movie Night

ASB Tiger Gear

Teachers Cleaning out the Teacher's Lounge

There will also be warm and fuzzy Purple Pride Booster Blankets for sale $20!

Purple Pride Boosters Golf Tournament

Saturday, Oct. 13th, 9pm

402 Poplar Valley Road

Plumas Eureka, CA

The Boosters are still taking registrations for their biggest fundraiser of the year, the Purple Pride Booster Golf Tournament at Plumas Pines! Students are only $45, which includes tri-tip dinner!!!

See the attachment for more information.

Early Bird Yearbook Sale

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Nurse Emily's News

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Color 5K Run

Saturday, Oct. 6th, 10am

Feather River College, Equine Center