Celebrate Columbus Day!

Come Support Columbus Day And Have Fun As Well!

What is this Event?

This event will celebrate and remember Christopher Columbus along with all of his wonderful accomplishments. Not sure if you're a Columbus Day supporter or not? Come to our event and you'll learn why Columbus Day should be kept as it is as we discuss all of the amazing things Columbus did throughout his voyages and expeditions.

Celebrate Columbus Day!

Monday, Oct. 8th 2012 at 4pm

Madison High School (Portland, Oregon), Portland, OR

Portland, OR

4:00 PM: Gather around the front doors of Madison High School
4:15 PM: Refreshments available
4:45 PM: Speech about the history of Columbus Day
5:15 PM: Discussion on why we should support and keep Columbus Day
5:45 PM: Dessert
6:00 PM: End