CVI Clinic

with Diane Sheline and TSBVI Outreach

Clinic Information

We would like to offer an opportunity to enrich your region's knowledge about CVI assessment and intervention with guidance from Diane Sheline and TSBVI Outreach. There will be a CVI clinic for children, with the targeted population being age 0-4 years, on January 19th and 20th, 2016. CVI Intervention is very successful in this age range and more immediate changes can be observed.

Our prospective plan is that Diane Sheline will assess four students in one and a half-hour sessions on the two mornings of the dates listed, with assistance from each student's TVI, parent and instructional team. These assessments will be videotaped. After a short lunch break, CVI Clinic facilitators will then assist the TVI in completing a CVI Assessment Report, which would roughly follow the sample template in the Appendix section of Dr. Christine Roman's book, "Cortical Visual Impairment; An Approach to Assessment and Intervention". The report will include not only a description of the student's present level of visual functioning, with regard to the 10 unique CVI visual and behavioral characteristics, but also a list of recommendations and interventions which will help in developing areas of need as well as appropriate IEP Goals and Objectives. The students will be assessed in the morning and the TVI will complete the FVE/LMA in the afternoon. TVIs and others who are interested in CVI, but do not have a student who is directly involved, are invited to observe the assessment process on those two mornings. Observers will also be given copies of the completed FVE/LMA for the assessments they observe.

In order to bring a student to the clinic, the first step for TVIs will be filling out and turning in an application and supporting documents. The application and supporting documents will be due September 25th, 2015. If you do not currently have all the supporting documentation requested, do not let that stop you from applying. We can work with you.

From this group, four students will be chosen for the assessment process with and two alternates. The TVIs for these six students will participate in the program during the 2015-2016 school year. Those who want to participate by observing should put that request in with Stephanie Walker.

Upon selection, participating TVIs will be invited to a folder on Google Drive through the gmail address they will have provided on the application. Participants will need to upload requested data into their folder no later than the dates outlined in the next sections.

Application Deadline September 25th

Application Form

Application Due September 25th

The TVI would participate by:

· Filling out an application for the clinic and providing supporting documentation and a signed media release from the parent by September 25th, 2015

· Sharing information via Online support set up by ESC 11

· Completing and sharing an interview with the parent or caregiver about CVI characteristics by October 30th, 2015

· Providing a baseline observation video by November 20th, 2015

· Writing and finishing the CVI report with support

· Dedicating a minimum one full day on the day of the clinic.

· Attending hour long webinar discussion groups as needed throughout the 2015-16 school year

· Implementing CVI interventions as recommended on the FVE.

· Providing video and other follow-up information after the clinic

· Filling out an evaluation of the CVI Clinic and providing suggestions for improvement

ESC 11 will provide

· Room for the assessment to take place

· Room for observers to watch streamed video

· Online support (CANVAS) for participants to share information.

· One AV person to videotape the assessment process (if necessary)

· Contact DBS and ECI for their participation and contribution, such as travel or babysitting costs for parents, who will also be attending and transporting their child to and from the clinic location

· Preparation and follow-up with TVIs through CANVAS in conjunction with TSBVI and Diane Sheline, including facilitating webinars and monitoring discussion board conversation.

· Space for the parents, their child, and the TVI to wait, a quiet room for Diane to do assessments with the team and child, a separate room for observers to watch streamed video of the assessments, and a room for the TVI and Clinic staff to work on reports

· Funding to be negotiated for consultants' participation and travel expenses.

TSBVI Outreach would provide:

· An application for TVIs to complete

· Preparation for each step of the assessment process and post assessment follow-up with the TVI through CANVAS in conjunction with ESC 11 and Diane Sheline, including facilitating webinars and monitoring discussion board conversation

· Consultants to assist the TVIs with their report writing onsite

· One AV person to videotape the assessment process (two may be provided depending on availability)

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Stephanie Isbell

Education Service Center Region 11

Consultant for Visual Impairment and Orientation & Mobility