The 12 Angry Men

PLAY by:Reginald Rose

History of The 12 Angry Men

Twelve Angry Men is a drama written by Reginald Rose concerning the jury of a homicide trial. It was broadcast initially as a television play in 1954. The following year it was adapted for the stage, and in 1957 was made into a highly successful film


The 12 Angry Men starts out with 12 men in a room talking about if this eighteen year old boy is guilty or not guilty.So the jurors call several votes and at the end they all said "Not guilty".It took a while but juror four would not change his vote until the end he finally did change his vote to "Not guilty'.

Personal Review

I liked how juror eight got into a fight with juror four.What i thought was most memorable is when juror four was stressed out and finally changed his vote.The issues in the play relating to the issues in my life is when i changed my vote in class just like when juror four changed his vote.

Your life is in the toilet

The boy on trial faced having his life going down the toilet.