April Team News

Happy Spring

Summer is here!!!

What do you think of the Summer Collection? It is pretty great. This is the time of the year to start getting your calendars where you want them. Take some time to figure out your schedules for the summer and mark the days you are available for Trunk shows the next few months. Mother's Day and Graduations are next month. Start offering your great gifts to customers! I love summer TS b/c we can do "Jewels by the Pool", "Sangria and Sparkles", "Summer Soiree" and more! Make summer what you want it to be!!

GREAT things going on this month!!

Between Autism Awareness month, Summer Collection debuting, and a Sponsoring Special...this is going to be a great month. If you have taken a break over the colder winter months no biggie. Let me help you jump back in to your business and get it going strong again. Use all these great things going on this month to get started strong. I am here to help:)

New Product Earning Program through Sample Discount Coupon

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new program to help us ALL earn free product credit!!

NEW Sample Discount Coupon! Earn $500 in samples for only $99 when you sell $2,000 retail, cumulatively over each seasonal quarter.

This is in addition to your existing product credit offers and discount programs:

  • $100 in Product Credits through the Consistency Bonus by selling $500 retail each month in a seasonal quarter.
  • $100 in Product Credits for EACH month that you sell over $5,000 retail through the Stellar Seller Bonus (that’s $300 per quarter if you sell over $5,000 each month).
  • 50% off of your samples by selling or personally purchasing (at your 25% discount) $250 retail (163 PCV), cumulatively over each seasonal quarter
  • Your Earning Period begins on April 1st. Sell $2,000 retail between April 1st – June 30th to earn your sample discount bundle for the Fall 2014 Season. See the chart in the FAQ section to see the dates for each season.
  • As always, you will be allowed to choose any product or accessories during the sample period (except those that may have been excluded due to inventory issues).
  • You will be able to order more than $500 in your order cart and apply any other product credits or discounts.
  • On the items to which you apply your $500 of product for $99 coupon, it is important to note that at this time, we cannot accept returns, unless the item arrived damaged.
  • Coming soon, we will have a tracker in the Stylist Lounge so you can track your progress as you sell through the season.
  • Please stay tuned for more details about the program and execution in the coming weeks.

Top 5 in sales for March

Rachelle Bawcom ~ $2,896

Alisha Beckstrom ~ $955

Courtney Humphrey ~ $716

Whitney Alvarez ~ $620

Laura Rossy ~ $457

Booking Incentive Coming Soon!!! Start making your WDYK list!!

Keeping it real

I know that we all have our ups and downs with this business. I have had my downs with my personal business in MS. I went through a funk of just not knowing if I wanted to carry on. Do I, Do I not? I took time to evaluate what it was that I wanted from my business. What I want is the continued feeling of joy, accomplishment, and my relationships with you! The ability to put a little extra $ into the pot for us to pay for trips and school. I am committed to push through these obstacles in my way of getting back to the top of MY business. I am here to help you push through your obstacles as well whether that is time management, fear, location, sponsoring, booking, etc. Let me help you if you want. I am available anytime and would love to do coaching calls. Summer can be a great time of the year with Stella & Dot. I am ready to make our team have the best quarter yet!!