Wrinkle In Time

Madeline L'engle

The Summary

In the beginning the author introduces the main characters. Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin. Meg and Charles Wallace meet Calvin and then they meet three old women who know how to find Meg and Charles Wallace's father.In the middle of the story Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin have to go to an unknown planet called Camazotz and they meet someone along the trip to find their father. In the end Meg has to go back to Camazotz for a special reason and risks her life to save someone else's.

What I liked about the book

The book made me feel like I was in it because the story had very specific details. The book had very specific details and it made the story more real because of the details. The book made me want to keep reading because it was interesting yet weird and felt so realistic.

The Main Characters

A good Book


Text-to-Text: This book reminded me of The Wizard of Oz because in the book there is Dorothy looking for Oz and Meg and Charles Wallace are looking for their father.

Text-to-World: This book reminded me of A show and this boy was in a trance and so was Charles Wallace.

Text-to-Self: This book reminded me of when I was watching a TV show because in the show they were time traveling and in the story Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin are time traveling.


I would recommend this book to anyone who I would think would enjoy this book because it is weird and involves going to different planets and tessering to different places outside of the Solar System then coming back to Earth.