Unicorn Pre-K

April 7-12

A few highlights from the week

Monday math... numbers, counting, and patterns

Tuesday we set out food to catch ants to put in an ant farm. Unfortunately, the ants escaped!

On Wednesday, the students listened to a story, Hey, Little Ant. This is a story about a boy who is deciding if he should or should not squish an ant. Then we brainstormed reasons the boy should or should not step on the ant. Each student decided if they would step on the ant and gave a reason for their answer.

On Thursday the students developed a story about our class's experience of catching ants and the ants escape.

Come into our classroom to read the class story and your child's feelings about squishing an ant.

Friday we completed a science experiment with skittles candy. Ask your child what happened to the S on the skittle.

Ms Meg and I love to see curiosity in the students. This week Lukas brought a small piece of paint to school and said, "I want to put this in water and see what happens". This became a student directed science experiment of adding all sorts of objects to a bowl of water to see what would happen next. Way to go, little scientist!

Next week we will focus on the letter T.