By:Arleen and Rishani

Why should you eat healthy,and how do you do it!

Instead of eating sugary foods why not try eating sweet/ripe fruits, they will take your craving away, and they are really healthy. Now, we all love Chipotle, but why not have a shot at making your own food, so you know what goes inside your body. You should be eating healthy because you will have an lower chance of getting a disease, you also get more energy, you get stronger muscles-bones-teeth, you look/feel better, and lastly you will feel more fresh. You can be healthy by doing the following things: eat the recommended amount and type of foods daily, when grocery shopping, try not to go for unhealthy foods such as chips and candy also others, you can do that by staying in the fruits and vegetables, healthy dairy's and meat alternatives. NO PRETZELS!!!!!!!!!!

Physical Activity is Important too!!!!!

Eating healthy is one step to have a great life style, but there are some other things your going to have to do, such as being active! Being active plays a very important roll in having a healthy life style! You can be active by going for a walk, jogging, running, swimming, mostly just having fun and playing your favorite sports! Their are tons of different things you can do to be active, you just need some courage! It's more fun when you do it with someone! Call someone up and have fun! Being active is important because it lowers the chance of obesity and having to wear unnecessary things such as corsets. Did you know that corsets actually puts pressure on your organs which causes the organs to squeeze together which is another way to die.

Self Esteem is Important too!!!

Sometimes, if you don't have much self esteem it can affect your life/lifestyle. So then you can believe and you can say to your self " I can do this". If you don't have much self esteem we suggest you go on this website: or you contact someone you love and trust. We are sure they will be willing to help you!!